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It’s Complicated!


it's_complicated-67869Watching Anil Kapoor and Sridevi starrer ‘Lamhe’ yesterday it suddenly dawned on me that things have become so much more complicated. And the expression of love is not the same anymore. The forever wala love is to say the least elusive.The immense range of options that we have make things anything but simple, be it food, clothing, movies, music or dating. Especially dating! Now when I think about what Rishi Kapoor said to Saif in Love Aaj Kal which went like, “Humein options ki aadat nai thi tumhari tarah, humare zamane mein menu card pe ek hi dish hoti thi and fir bhi hum khush the. Mere paas option nai tha ki main use pyaar karun ya nahi!” , I realize it is so true!

At that time you didn’t have to figure out whether you were actually in love or was it just infatuation and if it was which level was it at, were two people only innocent friends or in the area between friendship and relationship or was it “just complicated!”. People wouldn’t feel for one person and yet go ahead meeting others who they ‘might’ find interesting. And strange as it may sound, somehow words were not even needed. One just knew! A cup of coffee was a significant step forward. A Thank You with a smile was a definite high for any guy. And today, the more the words, the more complicated it gets.sde

Without a shadow of a doubt today’s generation is way more practical but does it always work out for the best? There are so many terms and conditions applied before falling in love and even more so before settling down with someone who might be the ‘one’. First of all amongst so many people meet someone you might like, get to know the person at the same time taking care that you or the other person doesn’t get distracted by the numerous other possibilities and then there are the QUESTIONS. Is he/she the right person for you? Does he/she fit into the mould of the perfect person you have always wanted to be with?Are you two emotionally compatible? How far is emotional vulnerability viable in this practical world? How much will one be ready to give up in order to fit into the other person’s family? How will financial independence feature in the relationship dynamics etc etc. Phew! All the best to those who believe they can work around that and hearty congratulations to those who already have.

I really wish things were as simple as they used to be back then or at least how the movies portrayed it back them- the guy falling in love with the girl, watching her standing on the balcony and throwing letters wrapped around stones and the girl eventually professing her love with only a shy smile. And as far as family members were concerned, they always came around, didn’t they?



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