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We Compiled A List Of The Most Underrated GOT Characters And We’re Sure You’ll Agree


By Ishani Chakrabarti

In a TV show like The Game of Thrones, it’s extremely difficult to stick to a particular “favourite” character. With an ambiguity in their morals and such a vast dissimilarity in the nature of the characters itself, it gets too damn tough to decide who the real hero is.

But you know what? For this one time, can we please not talk about Jon Snow’s gorgeous curls, Jamie’s eyes or Hodor? Yes, we love them too.

But this time, we wanna give these guys the love they really deserved:

Grey Worm 

You know what? This one MAN right here doesn’t even need a penis to rub his masculinity on your face. He’s been the low-key crush for many GoT fans around, ’cause why not?

This man loves the women in his life like no one else ever could. Even dudes with their male organs on point fell short by a mile and a half as Grey Worm. Willy arose from the sea like a chiseled merman. (ovaries bursting!)


Where there is Grey Worm, there is Missandei, you know what I’m talking about. From a slave to the masters of Astapor to an interpreter to a Daenerys’s trusted advisor, she’s come a long long way.

Have you ever noticed how cute they look together? And cmon Daenerys has got to admit that she’d go through a hell of a time without Missandei by her side.

The Hound

Looks like we’ve got to talk about something REALLY important. Yeah, we need to talk about the only person on the show who had the balls to say this to Joffrey:

Despite his badassery, he has still managed to make us laugh and don’t we still remember his words of wisdom that we could live by?

Septa Unella

You did get kicks out of this character, you know it. This one character shows how GoT is about time and its reversal. Septa Unella showed Cersei no mercy and one of the very few people who got Cersei to break.

But guess what? Cersei knew it better. (evil laugh)

Podrick Payne

Awww, isn’t he like a cute little Labrador lost but content to explore the map of Westeros? His loyalty and the Battle of Blackwater(Season two?) go hand in hand. And we just cannot miss out his puppy faces.

Oh just FYI, he isn’t Tyrion’s side-kick. Wait for season 7 and you’ll know why.


Once upon a time, the internet was afire with Ros. A fiery redhead who clawed her way to a position of superiority and power. Be it her beauty or wit, it did appeal to all. Petyr Baelish would agree, what say?

There are fans who loved her(for all the right reasons) and for those who didn’t(totally judging y’all) – every Ros has a Theon, geddit?

Syrio Forel

Okay, we still don’t know if he’s the Waif or The Faceless God. All we know is – he’s awesome because he single handedly took out on 6 men before fighting with Meryn Trant.

“Fear cuts deeper than swords”. He shapes Arya’s character as well as her sword. A character with a paramount role that sets the pace for the entire season, such is Syrio Forel.


There was so much more to the animalistic, wolf-like tendencies. An archetype protector, a hard-bitten survivor in the rough world but also the surrogate mother to Bran and Rickon is something you couldn’t have missed.

She was a wild wild….ling, I tell you.

You think we missed out on some more characters? Let us know. 

Wanna talk about your own personal favourites? Reach us by commenting below!

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