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From A Common Man To An Anarchist


By Roshni Kaur

It has been more than a year since Delhi has been suffering from political and social instability. After the December election results and formation of AAP government, it was expected that the superstructure would  have a better and peaceful condition all around. But just after 21 days, declaring himself an “anarchist” and calling for a 10-day protest on 20th January 2014, Arvind Kejriwal (Delhi Chief Minister) had not only created traffic chaos and public disturbance in the city but had also decided to disrupt the Republic Day celebration. What would you call this? A sacrifice for a real cause or a loss for a great gain or just an another mess? AAP minister Mr.Bharti has commented that, “….. celebrations are meaningless if we look at the current state of affairs….”.

I’m not anti-AAP or pro-Congress. I am just a disappointed citizen who believed the vision of AAP and its leaders. I think Arvind Kejriwal (AK) should realize that he is not just a common man anymore, but the chief executive of the national capital as well. You are calling yourself “anarchist” and appealing for public involvement. What do you actually want, a socialist India or a “Ram Raj” again?

Earlier I believed that there is some problem in the executive administration which is a issue of debate and transformation for AAP and the whole country. But after the demand for Delhi Police reforms, I think he has issues with legislature too. And finally claiming that the court is wrong in the case of Bharti molestation case, AAP have proved that they don’t even trust the judiciary. The question is, who is trustworthy and why??

A society cannot function on mob rule. You cannot always ask for the hundred crore population opinion to take a decision. Democracy already is a slow machine, why are you making it slower?

I really appreciate the performance by AAP in Delhi in its initial days. But just announcing the policies and laws is not going to make any change. It was also happening earlier. The ultimate requirement is the implementation. The question is whether all residents are getting 700 litres of water free or not? I know AAP needs more time to clean the mess that Congress has created. But this is not about cleaning only, there are many more things to do. The failure of “Janta Darbar” is a lesson for AAP that there is a difference in saying and working. It should focus on such failures and future threats to its dream of a better Delhi rather than creating a traffic nightmare in the city.

Kejriwal’s action of signing his files and doing the CM work at the protest site with cartons of files around to show that the CM is not just sitting at the dharna but also doing his work, seems very dramatic to me. May be Kejriwal’s intentions are good but his governance is utterly awful and of course POPULIST. He is a very intelligent and smart person, so he should understand that to lead a state( in addition to being honest) one should also be a good administrator.

I have an intuition that after the protest against Shiela Dixit and conquering the Delhi throne, this rising voice against the central government may have the signal of AAP’s second inning. AAP’s growing network and increasing membership is commendable but it should keep in mind that the “party” is new without any single mind. Different  people with different mindsets are joining it and it could create chaos at the centre.

I neither want to discourage AAP nor its supporters. I was feeling very glad after hearing the statement of Arun Garg, a 25 year old law student that, “Before I worked for Arvind Kejriwal, I understood that nothing could be changed in India, but now I think that things can be changed.” I can see a new ray of hope in Indians of all age groups, a hope of change for the betterment of our country and the zeal to bring that change. I just pray that this hope does not turn into disappointment again and the situation ends up worse than it was before. Protest after protest, leads  to no conclusions but just creates chaos, mismanagement and hue and cry.

The super victory of AAP in Delhi is a revolutionary success in Indian politics. It proves that the people of the country trusts their democracy and don’t want communism. Now the demand of the hour is that this enthusiasm of Delhi voters should be rewarded with a good governance. Blaming the government falls under  the characteristics of a common man but not of a government chosen by him. It demands more actions than sayings. But please keep in mind that these “actions” should be administrative and democratic actions. I just hope that the ruling government doesn’t lose its path. Just work for a better India, a peaceful India!!!


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