Sports is still largely a man’s game even though great strides are being made in the women’s sector of sports there is still a long way to go. Women’s cricket for that matter is just starting to get some serious eyeballs around the world but there are still slight obstacles every now and then.

Recently, a Sri Lankan commentator and former cricketer Roshan Abeysinghe was under fire for comments he made during a women’s Twenty20 international (T20I) match that some felt were sexist.

What Did Roshan Abeysinghe Say?

The 60-year-old sports presenter commented on Bangladesh left-arm spinner Nahida Akter’s performance during the ongoing T20I series between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In the 13th over of Sri Lanka’s innings, while Akter was bowling the third delivery for her over, a no-ball was signalled by the umpire.

Akter having given 6 runs in her first two balls and then a no-ball had Abeysinghe saying that “It’s a no-ball as well. Now this is unpardonable on two counts. One, a spinner. Second thing, a lady. A women’s cricketer. I don’t think they have big strides.”

While it was later shown in the replays that the reason for the no-ball was because the bowler’s hand touched the stumps during her run-up, Abeysinghe tried to backtrack but still remained steadfast about his ‘big strides’ comment.

Cricket writer and broadcaster Kit Harris posted a clip of Abeysinghe making the comment with the caption “From today’s T20 international.”

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One user commented soon after that “Such a crap bit of commentary from start to finish. If he took a break from his nonsensical sexist comments, he might have noticed the bails were knocked off. Maddening for so many reasons.”

Another user wrote “What an idiotic statement from a commentator. He should be fired.”

Another user commented that “Roshan Abeysinghe, tweeting in 2018, claimed what Sri Lanka really needed was a ‘Hitler’. Even then it took the German ambassador calling out his comments before he offered a conditional apology. Should we be surprised that his comments are now about stride lengths of women?”

Georgie Heath, supposedly a sports journalist also commented on his commentary writing “This commentator should be removed from ever commentating on women’s cricket again.”

To this, Abeysinghe personally replied to and apologised and explained more of his statement as “Hi Georgie let me extend an unconditional apology if you or anyone else were offended. The comments were never meant to be insulting, but was made through a pure cricketing angle innocently. Still I am willing say sorry and stand corrected. Once again my apologies sincerely.”

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