With women’s cricket seeing many new advancements, Shahid Afridi, former Pakistani captain and star all-rounder’s, old comments are resurfacing about women in cricket.

Where the Women’s T20 World Cup is currently happening in South Africa to a lot of fanfare and the Women’s Premier League is all ready to start the player auctions, the women’s cricket section is seeing progress that it has till date been kept away from.

There has always been large disparities among the men and women’s sections in practically every sport, but since a few years now there has been a growing interest in women’s cricket especially in India.

Not just by cricket associations, but big sponsors are taking interest and willing to spend the big bucks, something that has always been used against them and a way to downplay their importance.

What Shahid Afridi Said?

On February 12th 2023, a Twitter user @mufaddel_vohra posted the video once more with the caption “Listen what Shahid Afridi thinks about Women’s cricket:-“


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In an interview from a few years back, the interviewer asked Afridi about what he thinks on women in cricket and whether Peshawar should be getting its own girls cricket team and whether he too wished that Pakistani women should get progress in their sports or not.

To this Afridi replied with “Yaar hamari khawateen k naa, hamari khawateen k haath mai maja bahut jyada hai. To wo khana bahot achha banati hai (Our women have magic in their hands, and so that’s why they cook really well)” and when the interviewer tried to ask again he said “Thank you. Jawab mil gaya naa aapko (You’ve got your answer).”

In the comments user @InsightEdge_ wrote that “Did you expect something different ?”

Another wrote in a quote tweet that “Lol.. Why are people surprised?? Wasn’t he the one who once said that feminists can say whatever they want but her daughters won’t be allowed to play outdoor sports?”

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