Stylish and elegant footwear can make any outfit look stunning. What kind of footwear you wear is now considered a crucial part of your attire. They are more than just pieces that protect your feet. Having a couple of warm, comfortable footwear pieces in your wardrobe is probably at the top of everyone’s wish list for this winter. Trendy loafers, comfy boots, and bellies for women go a long way on chilly days. With so many new styles and trends to try, the choice of winter footwear for women out there is limitless. Finish off your outfit with a stylish pair of winter shoes. 

Trendy Footwear for Cold Weather

Here are some stunning pairs of shoes to complete your look-

  1. Oxford: Oxford shoes are a versatile option as one can wear them during summers as well as during winters. They have recently gained a huge amount of popularity as they look good with both formal and casual wear. There are a variety of different shades of brown and black oxfords one can choose from. The best part is that these shoes add a hint of class to your minimal look and help you make a statement. The simpler your outfit is, the hipper your oxfords should be. You need to have at least one pair of oxfords to spice up your wardrobe. 
  2. Black box heels: These heels are a perfect blend of style and comfort. These can be found in a variety of unique designs and colors. One can even add embellishments done with studs and wear them as ethnic shoes for ladies. They look adorable with little stones and pearls and can make any woman look stunning on several occasions. These are comfortable, and you can team it up with any suit or saree for special gatherings. They are a wide range of heels that you can choose from according to your style. From stilettos to pumps, there is a heel for every occasion. 
  3. Loafers: You’ve got to have at least a single pair of loafers in your winter wardrobe. Loafers are the best choice for women who struggle to wear boots and bellies. Make sure to have one classy black loafer, which you can wear with almost any outfit of yours. These are a blessing in disguise which everyone should invest in. They are easy and comfortable to wear and go well in all settings, from casual gatherings to formal office meetings. They are both super classy and trendy. They add a charm to your outfit and help you make a statement at the same time. 
  4. Uggs and Boots– During winter, uggs and flat boots are worth the steal. They are one of the comfiest footwear as they keep your feet warm and also look stunning with any outfit. You can wear them for hours and not end up hurting your feet. These two are winter wardrobe essentials. They look elegant and classy at the same time. You can even buy boots that have heels if you want to go a little extra and make a statement. There is a wide range of boots available. Pick the ones that suit your style the most!
  5. Brown leather flats– The stylish and classy brown leather flats always remain in trend. You can wear any outfit from a basic casual one to some designer ethnic wear. These would go with anything. They are amongst one of the most famous ethnic shoes for ladies. These flats with some embellished work add an oomph factor to your attire. The leather sole adds an appealing touch to this footwear. You will surely make heads turn every time you wear these leather sole flats. 
  6. Bellies: These are some of the most in-demand, trendy, everyday wear. With class and comfort, they are a perfect match for anyone. The design of these bellies for women is inspired by slippers worn by ballerinas. Some of these shoes feature a small heel, but most of the time they have no heel at all. Instead, they are close, round-toed, and have a thin sole. These are popular among women of all ages and are footwear that every woman must have in their closet. These look good with every outfit from jeans and shorts to skirts and dresses. They are comfortable yet stylish. 

These are some trendy footwear that every woman should own. 


Shoes are an essential part of one’s outfit. They can change your entire look. There is undoubtedly a vast range of quality products at the best price to choose from, such as boots, heels, flats or bellies for women, and many more. Of course, different occasions call for different footwear. But every woman needs many all-around pairs in their wardrobe, which will improve their overall style.


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