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Everybody’s College Professor Has A Type. Find Out Which One is Yours


By Hitee Singh

College is not just an amalgamation of a zillion types of students but also the professors who are kind enough to share their knowledge with us.

Reading forward, I am sure you will find your professors being easily categorised into these types.

For an easy reading and writing experience I have used the pronoun ‘he’ and not ‘she’, so don’t go anti-feminism on me, please.

1. The Ignorant One

He will enter and leave the class as devised by the college rules. For him work is worship and he is very devoted but the downside is his ignorance. He is ignorant to the point that he doesn’t even know his subject and to make matters worse his statement changes every 10 minutes and instead of clearing your doubt he will end up confusing you even more.


2. The Cool One

He will not teach if you don’t want to study. He doesn’t mind giving attendance even if you weren’t attending. He is a hidden genius and you have to pry knowledge out of him if you really are interested in learning. In short he is awesome for all the backbenchers not scratch that for everyone.


3. The Strict One

He may come off as a sweet kitten but don’t let his looks deceive you. He may enter the class late but no one should enter after him. You good manners are important and that includes not sleeping in the class and to teach you, he will constantly ask questions in hope to keep the class awake.


4. The Talkative One

There is no way escaping this one. Once he starts speaking he can go from chemistry to Syria to his house. He even catches you in recess just to tell you about how his recess was spoiled by the faculty’s emergency meeting.


5. The Resentful One

He is a real ‘devil’. He taunts, insults behind a smile, that you will never suspect him. You don’t want to mess with him because he takes the slightest sign of insult to heart and you won’t even know what hit you when you will see the result.


6. The Sensitive One

He is the newbie and a little sensitive one who want to be taken seriously and is dying for approval from his students. He is also prone to tantrums and sometimes storms out of the class just to prove his point.


7. The Energetic One

When he enters the class it looks as if he leading the Republic day parade. He is so fired up, high-spirited and funny that he actually manages to engage us in conversations and make us learn something fruitful for once. You don’t want to get on his bad side, though, heard it could be real scorching.


8. The Trendy One

The latest shirt. Check. The latest watch. Check. The latest i-phone. Check. You practically look up to him to learn about the recent changes in fashion. You may have also got a disapproval nod from him for wearing that ugly poncho. He is always well dressed and walk as if modelling for Calvin Klein which you secretly think he does.


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