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Coaching Business Leader in Europe Javid Niazi-Hoffmann on How He Plans to Empower Other Business Coaches to Scale and Succeed


When you look closely at successful teachers or business coaches, you’ll find the professionals who helped them get to where they are. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and learning is the first step to success. Javid Niazi-Hoffmann works with business coaches to help them learn how to help others, creating a cycle of assisting people in fulfilling their dreams. 

Javid Niazi-Hoffmann owns and runs a coaching and consulting business that caters to business coaches in German-speaking countries. His company earns six to seven figures each year, and he’s helped many people find a new direction in their lives. “Every single coaching business should be based on these three factors: more income, more freedom, and more impact,” Hoffmann says. “My goal is to get my clients to a job that fulfills them while making an impact on the world.” Hoffmann knows that he can empower other coaches because he’s a successful one himself. Having a skill in your area of interest is the most important thing when looking for a coach. Another way that Hoffmann helps his clients is by pushing them. “The best coaches give challenges. Your client should be pushed out of their comfort zone so that they can grow as a coach.” Although he’s suffered from self-doubt and a fear of failure, he’s pushed himself to overcome them and now can help his clients get over these feelings as well. 

Hoffmann started working as a consultant with several DAX companies. Although he was making a lot of money, he didn’t enjoy it. “I didn’t have the freedom I wanted. I couldn’t spend time with my wife and children. I also wasn’t fulfilled and didn’t feel like I was really doing anything to help the world.” After a while, he knew he had to strike out on his own and go the entrepreneurial route. “My clients are my heroes,” he said. “I’m inspired by them every day. They accomplish so many great things, and I love being a part of it.”

Business coaches are an integral part of helping people achieve their dreams. Javid Niazi-Hoffmann is proud of the work he’s done to make others’ careers soar, and he plans to continue working with coaches till the end of his life.

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