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Farting & Other Things You Need To Stop Because They Are Destroying The Climate


Recently in a survey of nearly 100 youngsters, we asked the question, “How can you – as the youth of the nation – contribute to improving the climate?”

We got some interesting answers, and some textbook answers.

Sure, you can spread awareness, talk about it on social media, maybe even apply a special filter to your Facebook DP for a few seconds… But then there are some really cool ways too.

Read on, dear curious cat…

Put on some underwear. Wondering what this has to do with climate? Nothing. But begin charity at home. This is like the airplane rules: Dusron ki sahayata karne se pehle apna dhyan rakhe. (or something along those lines)

Now that we have covered the “basics”, there are some other things you can look into…

Play Holi. The next time you see a man peeing in public, throw a water balloon at him!! He will never pee again! It’s been tested by Mumbai, see the video for proof and a good day!

Use deodorant. Another basic. Also, that way, when you take that train or bus, no one will have to smell your sweaty armpits…

Flirt, and go on dates. When you are trying to get into someone’s pants, you are less likely to pollute the surroundings for fear of a bad impression.


Use a condom. Safe sex will prevent you from making more like you, thereby automatically reducing the waste of the world.

Stop farting. Methane is a harmful green house gas. Don’t be Mr. Methane.

das methane

Quit your job. No job=no office=no travel=no traffic=no pollution. No baas=no baasuri!


Okay, but on a more serious note… if you are reading this, you are about to make a contribution WITHOUT planting a tree… share this on Facebook and you can spread the word to help save the climate!!

Then, if you have any sense of responsibility power, you will plant that tree! -_-



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