Cliched Myths : Spooky Stories Decoded with Logic

There is one thing as old as mankind. Myths! Unreal , fictional and often illogical ones. People amuse someone by telling them a myth rather than a fact because myths are funny, wrong and funny again. And let’s face it , once in a while we like hearing, reading myths. Why? Only to see  the way they get proven wrong.

Go ahead and read some of the wackiest myths and their reality you will ever listen.

You’re all in for a  ride today!


Myth– Ghosts only come out at night!

According to paranormal researchers, it is equally effective to chase ghosts, if you are too bold, during day time as it could be at night. People often complain about paranormal activities at the night time only and not at the day time. At the day time, people are with other people. They hardly care about a shadow passing by them. They hardly care to notice if something gets dropped to the floor with no person in the room. But in the night, when they are not as much crowded as they were in the day, they tend to notice things properly. Even a gush of wind would seem scary.

Imagine you, at night before sleeping, are hugging a teddy bear and it hugs you back. What are you going to do? Sleep calmly or keep staring at that teddy? I guess you are probably gonna faint. Bet?


Imagine you are staring at a mirror and you leave but your reflection doesn’t. Scary? Hell yes, man.

Why people associate the happening of paranormal activities with the night time is because it looks much scarier at night than day time. But that doesn’t mean ghosts are not present at the day time. Many paranormal incidents have been reported to happen at the day time too.





Myth– Dropping a penny from a very tall building will kill someone.

Imagine yourself standing at the top of the Empire State Building, playing with a penny wanting to kill someone by flinging that penny down to the sidewalk below. You wait for the miracle to happen but it doesn’t go well as planned. You know why? Because it is a myth. Penny being a flat circle, doesn’t bode well in terms of aerodynamics. Weighing about just a gram, it would tumble and flip the entire way down and even if it reaches its terminal velocity, it would be falling at approx. 100 miles/hour. But with 1 foot pound of energy, it is impossible to kill anyone. The person would just feel like a flick to his head. Annoying, yes; but not lethal. Plan something else.






Myth– Full moons make people crazy!

Don’t blame full moons for making people crazy if you see someone sleepwalking or yelling when there is no one around or driving like a fucktard. Take them to a doctor who can get their shit together.

Even today, some people think full moons make everyone a little loony. Full moons have been associated with odd or insane behavior, including sleepwalking, suicide, illegal activity etc. Also to include that the water in the brain is affected by the tidal forces of the moon. It is a longstanding myth, particularly among individuals working with elderly people or those with mental disabilities.

But there is a very limited correlation between the full moon and erratic behavior and certainly no causation has been discovered. So, there is nothing to fear or care about full moon and people claiming it has to do something with causing people behave abnormally. Punch them when it is not a full moon. That will get them to know. :P




Myth– Incognito browsing keeps you anonymous!

If you are visiting sites you shouldn’t be visiting just because you think you can open them using Incognito mode in Google Chrome or Private browsing in Safari and keep your identity as anonymous, you are totally wrong and in trouble. Sherlock Holmes will find you and the rest would be history. LOL.

It is a myth that these keep your identity anonymous. But the Sherlock Holmes thing is true, mind it. :P Using either of the previously mentioned browsing style would mean the browser won’t keep track of your history, import bookmarks, or automatically log into any of your accounts. But definitely not keeping your identity anonymous.





Myth– Only old buildings are haunted!

Ancient mansion with broken windows, old Maharaja Palace with creepy and creaky floors and moldy furniture are not necessarily the only places where ghosts hang out.

Imagine you buy a new house and go to check it out. You find it locked from inside and ask if someone is inside. You hear someone saying “coming”. But when the door opens, you find no one in there. What do you do? Easy. Stop imagining. But do not stop believing the fact that buildings other than old ones can be haunted.

Beyond old buildings, hotels, hospitals, jail are also some places where ghosts like to visit and have some fun at. Researchers claim to have found paranormal evidences other than just old buildings. It is widely accepted in the paranormal community that objects and people themselves can be the focus of a haunting. Scared?


Myth– A duck’s quack doesn’t echo!

The obvious logical question no one cared to ask is: Why wouldn’t a duck’s quack echo? What could be so unique about the sound a duck makes that it is exempt from the physical laws that apply to all such sounds. I mean a dog’s bark can echo but a duck’s quack can’t. Ridiculous it is to believe that. It sounds so mean. Why the partiality?

It is a total myth. A duck’s quack does echo. *COOL*. That being said, a question arises. Why the myth then? A few possibilities could be:

  • The quack does echo but is too quiet to be clearly heard. Whenever you want to hear an echo, you speak out loudly to make sure the reflection can be heard.
  • You need a large reflecting surface, like a mountain or something, for the sound to reflect off. Maybe ducks don’t quack near any such reflecting surfaces.


-By Aayush Gupta

Image Source: Google Images


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