Choose The Track of Healthy and Natural Weight Loss with Loose kilos.

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], December 20: Wide-ranging changes have occurred in everyone’s lives. Malnutrition, an unhealthy diet, smoking, drinking, stress, and other symptoms are manifestations of an unhealthy lifestyle. There is no doubt that numerous connections between genetic, behavioural, and environmental factors contribute to overweight and obesity. These all together have added to the increasing cases of obesity and triggered problems originating from it. Loose kilos aim at fighting obesity and problems due to being overweight, which almost 30% of India’s population is facing, in a completely natural and healthy way. Loose kilos are focused on helping people lose weight naturally and offer personal nutritionists, and fitness coaches personalized diet plans and exercise routines. The company’s vision and objective are to improve people’s health and quality of life.

“Our company’s approach to tackling obesity is by first understanding a person’s body type and health conditions and then designing a diet and exercise plan best suiting to their body. This approach allows us to achieve very fast weight loss results for any person in a natural way. Our services also target people specific to their health problems, such as thyroid and PCOS, and we provide dedicated and specialised experts in the same subject. We look for experts and nutritionists who have worked with reputed hospitals and have an experience of even more than 10 -12 years.” Says Prafful Verma, Founder of Bunnee Beans (parent company of Loose kilos).

“We do not promote the use of supplements, tablets, or chemical products, nor do we promote any fancy diets. We try to provide a natural and structured weight loss journey to our clients by providing personal nutritionists and fitness coaches who can guide them through all the stages of weight loss. A lot of people in India are suffering from various diseases which originate from obesity. We feel that by simply regulating the distribution of macros in the diets and including some exercise time, many of those diseases can be prevented in the first place.” said Prafful. 

“We are currently operational in Delhi NCR only, but we are planning to expand and start our operations pan India in the coming months. We are in the process of connecting with a greater number of nutritionists from different parts of the country to allow the provision of diets specific to regional food items.  We strongly believe that by providing an organized, structured, and well-guided weight loss journey, the overall results and customer experience can be improved dramatically.  This is the current need of the hour and is something we feel is still missing in the industry.” Prafful added. 

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