You might not find money or even clothes on me sometimes, but you will always find one thing – earphones. Good earphones, mind you. I’ve had experience with all kinds of earphones, starting with those which make you feel like you’re in the musical heaven, to those in which the two loops break up with each other within the first week of usage.

I understand that it is never easy to choose earphones online, specially when you’re on a budget. The other day, when a friend asked for good earphones online, even a person symbiotic with earphones since birth, found it difficult to give suggestions.

So, after a lot of thinking, I present to you, the simplest yet useful guide to buying good quality earphones online for the best price.

Step 1: Know The Good Brands

If you want to eat at a good restaurant, you have to know the good restaurants around you first. Period. Just like that, if you want to buy good earphones, you need to know some good music accessory-making companies too.

Let’s start with my personal favourite – Bose. This American company has been manufacturing diamonds in terms of audio equipment. Too damn costly but too damn good too.

Next on my list would be JBL. Nope, not the wrestler. JBL – the music wizards. They have two divisions, JBL Consumer and JBL Professional.

Take a deep breath. We are not going to miss out on Sennheiser. Germans are actually pretty good at what they do, and so is this German company. They even make aviation accessories. How cool!

 Yes, Skullcandy is good too. I’ve heard a lot about them, about the bass quality but I just think they are a little overpriced.

There is a new emerging brand called boAt. Pretty awesome sound quality and best part – most affordable too. This is almost like the common man earphones.

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Step 2: Know The Good Stores Online

You can always go to the official websites and order earphones, but let’s be honest. Who does that? You read the first letter of the word SALE on Amazon or Flipkart, and you forget that there are a gazillion other websites on the internet.

Amazon is liked because they maintain quality and it is one of the most consumer-centric company in the world, no doubt. Some say that Amazon has costly stuff, but it’s better to buy somewhere you get quality over quantity.

Flipkart comes in next on the list because it is an Indian brand and we are all highly patriotic. Also, it has good discounts sometimes.

Snapdeal has been impressive lately due to, again, your favourite word – SALE.

Step 3: Read The Reviews

I’m not saying you should follow the reviews blindly and buy things on what someone has to say, but reading the reviews will help you with a third opinion, considering the fact that you’ve already asked an earphone-aficionado of your circle about a second opinion.

Of course, price is what you should be looking at third, but price is not the only thing you should be looking at on the web store page in front of you. Scroll down, read at least 5 reviews.

Make a decision based on your budget, as well as on how well people around the world liked the product. Out of 5, if there are 3 bad reviews, those aren’t probably good earphones after all.

Step 4: Determine The Purpose

You would not want to buy earphones worth 3000 bucks when you are just going to use it when you travel daily, and not about to compose another Hans Zimmer-like track.

Think about why you want to use it. Do you make a lot of calls every day? Do you listen to music a lot? Do you want to listen to music with better quality sound? Do you want to avoid conversations by acting like you’re listening on the earphones when you’re actually just plugging them into your ears with the wire hanging freely?

Also, with this, determine the kind of fit. If you have earphones with rubber lobes, definitely consider buying ones that come with extra sets of different sizes, otherwise, they might be too loose or too tight. Both ways, they will just fall off.

About the best price, anything between 500 – 2000 is best for daily use. If you have any personal favorites, let us know in the comments. Also, if you understand terms like bass, treble and bit rate, we should hang out sometime.  

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