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Chile Creates History In Football; Graduating From A team To A Star Team



The much awaited victory for Chile

After long ninety nine years, Chile finally gets to kiss the Copa America winner’s cup, and it is indeed a time for celebration for all football fans. Though not as crowd pulling and star studded as Argentina and Brazil, Chilean football has carved a niche across the century and the long wait has ended when La Rojas write the history winning against Argentina. The victory gets sweeter because the team wins in Chile in front of their own fans and countrymen.


Spirits soaring in Chile: People celebrated all the night in Santiago

Playing against Argentina, the most favoured and potential candidates was not an easy task for Chile. The strategies had to be prepared for playing to their strengths and making up for the weakness. Lionel Messi, considered the best footballer of all times had put forward a strong team with ace players like Angel Di Maria, Javier Mascherano and Gonzalo Higuain. Claudio Bravo, Chile’s goalkeeper stated that the game plan specifically included strategies to combat Messi. After the spectacular victories against Paraguay and Columbia, the world had fingers crossed for Argentina to win the cup. The final score was 4-1 to Chile.


Team Argentina after the finals

After ninety minutes of competition when neither of the teams refused to let go of the ball, the game went into a sudden death. Alexis Sanchez won the decisive penalty. The only successful attempt to goal for Argentina was from Messi. With an excellent coach like Sampaoli and a game in own country Chile had all that was required to move the mountains. The credit of victory goes to the whole team who altered the formations comfortably as they reached the finals.

downloadOne of the many vicious and deliberate attempts to sabotage players during the game

The game went pretty rough at times with Messi and Di Maria scythed during the first half. Argentina attempted to stop Valdivia through foul methods too. Unfortunately Di Maria had to retreat just half an hour into the game due to injury. Messi and Di Maria could not deliver a performance as expected during the finals once again putting both of them in jeopardy when it comes to international games.

Chile has a history of creating excellent football players since 1890s. In 1962, when Chile hosted FIFA World Cup, Chile finished in third position. Chile has been a consistent team but has seldom achieved an honour they deserved. With this victory, Chile also qualifies for FIFA 2017 for the tenth time and Chile would be counted as a team with good chances. The streets in Santiago continue celebrating in jubilation the victory as the team wins the cup making Chile a star national football team.


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