Childhood Comics: Imaginary Friends For Life


Children and comics are inseparable. Since the day this art of combining graphics with story-telling was invented, it has been a favorite with children all around the world, irrespective of their age. In fact, more than often, you’d find adults remembering their childhood days by reading these books.


From the world famous TinTin and Superman, to the Indian Chacha Chaudhary and Billoo, children were never more spoilt for choice in the literary field.


Here is a list of my favourite childhood comics:


1. Chacha Chaudhary

If there is one comic strip that can be termed as ethnic, modern, rural, urban and timeless all at the same time, then it’s got to be Chacha Chaudhary. After all, where on earth would you find a clever old man, with a brain that “works faster than computers”, being assisted by a good giant from Jupiter? We simply love Chachaji who, in spite of giving birth to numerous stereotypes, never fell victim to stereotypes himself!



2. Channi Chachi

Yes, yes, the famous and the most celebrated cartoonist in India, Pran had indeed created abuzz with all his comic characters, but somehow, we feel, Channi Chachi is one of his best creations ever! Sensual and traditional, Channi Chachi is the typical Indian aunt, who everyone loves to hate and hates to love—all at the same time. For the perfect representation, we cannot help, but bow down to Pran all over again!



3. Champak

Well, this isn’t a comic strip proper, but instead a whole comic-strip magazine, which brought a new lease of life to our childhood. Packed with comic-strips that are generally not found in any other magazine, Champak was always a must-read magazine during the early 90s. Now, with the outburst of digitalized cartoons and TV shows, children’s magazines like Champak and Tinkle are, sadly, seeing a major downfall in readership.



4. Motu-Patlu:

Our Indian version of Laurel and Hardy, if we can say so, the comic strip was all about the hearty and problematic adventures of Motu and Patlu, two friends, in their hometown, Furfuri Nagar. From the names itself you can well imagine what a fun-filled joyride it was to read this well-written and well-plotted comic strip! Nowadays, this Kripa Shankar Bharadwaj written comic strip is aired on TV as a CGI animated show in Nickelodean channel.



5. Ram-Rahim

At the age when caste system was much more harsh than now, came this super successful comic strip called Ram and Rahim. They were two friends on a secret mission to diminish evil from the land. Their undying friendship and love for each other indeed created a revolution back in those days. Although issued on a monthly basis, the children of those days used to wait for the summer holidays to get hold of the special editions of Ram-Rahim in the much celebrated Manoj Comics. If you’re yet to read any of their adventures, go for the Dracula one, you’ll love it!



6. Tin Tin

Although this list is primarily made for the Indian comics, which we were addicted to in our childhood, a comic’s column without Tin Tin is absolutely not possible. Don’t you agree? Translated in countless international languages, Tin Tin still engages children in the hi-tech age, the same way it used to engage children 50 years ago! We rate this comic as timeless and ageless.



These comic books are unforgettable. We’ve grown up but if you want to go back to your childhood then have a read at these comics. You would feel as if your childhood has come back again.


By Nikhil Gautam



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