Sai Vignesh of Chennai appears, at first glance, like any normal teenager. 

However, this 18 year old has made a tremendous contribution to animal welfare at a tender age. 

As someone who has nursed a passion for rescuing animals since he was 7, Sai Vignesh is now building the Almighty Animal Shelter, one of Chennai’s largest projects to house and care for ill and abandoned animals. 

His work so far

Sai Vignesh has rescued over 200 animals so far, including dogs, cats, birds, etc. He believes that every animal deserves a safe space, not just those conventionally kept as pets. 

During the 2015 Chennai floods and the 2016 Vardah cyclone, Sai Vignesh was responsible for saving animals in distress. 

He has pets at home and about 15 other animals he looks after, housed at paid boarding facilities. 

He is also a vegan, and believes in living a cruelty-free life. 

Sai Vignesh is now building his dream project- the Almighty Animal Shelter- where he hopes to house all animals in need, from the smallest kitten to even cows.

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The roadblocks

Sai Vignesh lives in a rented house with his family and animals, and his neighbours and the house owners haven’t always been cooperative. 

He has had to shift houses several times with his pets in order to ensure a safe environment for them where they are shielded from human cruelty.

His family is selling their home in their native town of Tirunelveli to finance the animal shelter. You can also contribute on Milaap to help Sai Vignesh build his dream project and give his animals a safe environment. 

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Sources: India Times, EdEx

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