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Charities innovating to reach out



How many times have you felt that desire to do something good, to make a difference, to give something back to the society and just share that warm fuzzy feeling inside of you? I bet the count is too high to even recall, even for the busiest people around. However, it doesn’t often feature at the top of our priority lists, and by the time we get to it, the fatigue and lack of time orphans these kind thoughts. India as a nation still has a large population that is vulnerable – in terms of health, education, jobs and opportunities in general. The stories and the statistics are depressing. The inequality is shocking.

And we do want to donate our old clothes, sports equipment, stationery, books and everything else that we don’t use, but we just cannot find the time to first do research for credible NGOs, then coordinate with them, then find a free slot in our appointment books, and finally travel long distances because the only NGO we like is 30 kms away! This sounds like a major problem, right? It doesn’t even scratch the surface. Imagine this- You have all the time in the world. The metro will take you to any NGO you want. But what you want to donate is too large for you to even carry! You may have 3 cartons of clothes and books. You might want to donate an old couch or a coffee table. But it just isn’t feasible for you to carry it to an NGO without expending too much time and effort.

What if someone could just pick up all those old clothes, shoes, toys, books or even sofas and tables and give it away to those who need it more than you? Care for Bharat is one such NGO that looks at donation this way.

Care for Bharat is a young initiative. It is a website that aims to connect donors and NGOs in NCR through giving away donations in kind and volunteering. So the next time you have a pile of material to donate, you can just log onto and schedule a pickup with us. Its just a simple form asking for your name and address. Soon enough, you’ll have a CFB representative at your doorstep. He will pack the material into boxes, take them off your hand and drop it off to your favourite charity! You can actually choose the NGO your donation goes to from the listings on our website. They have categorised the NGOs according to the cause they work for, and the regions they are located in, for your convenience. And they are not running away with your donations, they’ll be updating the donors with Donation Reports!

The awesomeness doesn’t stop here. If you can’t give away your resources, you may as well give your time for the cause you believe in. You could volunteer with your favourite NGO by filling out a simple form and the NGOs will get back to you soon.

Donating for charities has never been simpler, and given the condition of our country, it has never been nobler!


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