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Celebs Who Didn’t take up the #IceBucketChallenge!


With the ALS ice bucket challenge going viral, there still are celebrities who shunned the challenge. Blame it to the wastage of water, usage of animals in testing or something else.

Scroll down to see all of our favorite celebrities who still haven’t taken part and if you are loving the #IceBucketChallenge posts as much we are, go out and get wet!

Barack Obama: He had to be the first on the list. Mr. President refused to drench himself in freezing cold water despite being nominated. This is why;“Here’s a general rule: You don’t put stuff on your head if you’re president. That’s  politics 101. You never look good wearing something on your head.”

Anyway, there is a long history of politicians being caught in embarrassing photos with dumb stuff on their heads, situations the president has thus far proved adept for avoiding. Seems like he got scared! Nevertheless he honoured the spirit of the challenge and donated to the ALS Foundation.


Narendra Modi: Next in line has to be our very own Modi Bhai! He already has too much on his list, as of now. While the world is busy with their Ice buckets, India came up with the ‘Rice buckets’.

The PM has to fulfill all the promises he made while campaigning or else he won’t need to take the ice bucket challenge to have cold water poured over his career. He may be too busy with his work but we aren’t. Have a look at Modi’s Ice bucket challenge.

Priyanka Chopra: Despite being a lot international, PC has still not given in to this latest frenzy owing to the wastage of water. Kudos to her for upholding the integrity of the position of the UN Goodwill Ambassador.


Charlie Sheen: Known for the wacky stuff he does, Sheen takes things to the next level in his own Ice Bucket Challenge video. Instead of ice water, he pours a bucket full of cash on himself, all of which he plans to donate to the ALS Foundation. “Ice is going to melt, Sheen said, but this money is actually going to help the people”.

It’s unclear if Charlie Sheen making a valid point about the futility of dumping ice on oneself is a sign of an impending Apocalypse, but his generosity is impressive nonetheless.

Have a look! He made it rain!

Sonakshi Sinha: The Dabangg girl who is known for doing everything with a twist took up the challenge in an unusual way. Instead of dumping a bucket full of icy cold water, the actress poured a single ice cube on her head. She appealed to her fans to stop wasting water and just donate for the cause.

Indeed quirky!


Shahrukh Khan: King Khan. The first name that comes to the mind every individual when asked who they want to see doing the challenge. Chilling water, a dash of SRK’s persona and charisma and the cause, what can be better than such a combination?



Amitabh Bachchan: Lets time travel and ask Tik- Tiki Ji if Amitabh could make the ALS Foundation Crorepati! Can’t even imagine what fun it would be to see him do the challenge. He truly epitomizes what brand power can do. Getting Amitabh on board can shoot up the share prices of the ALS Foundation manifold.


Angeline Jolie: Need less to say, Jolie is going to be among the top celebs we want to see doing the challenge. She can add just the right amount of oomph needed to increase the sex quotient of the whole challenge.

Bring on the SALT!


Johnny Depp:  Jack Sparrow to the rescue! What could be cooler than the Depp edge?

Aye aye Captain!


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: My personal favourite; no matter how many actresses come and go, she will forever be the most beautiful. Why should the wives stay behind? If Abhishek can do it then why not her? Why not get Aaradhya too?

Hail woman power!


Kim Kardashian: Accept it or not, you all have been waiting for the Armenian bombshell to post her video. Hollywood’s favourite girl is one of the largest inspirations to younger women around the globe due to her all time good appearances, elegance and femininity. If she can bring being voluptuous and curvy back in fashion, imagine what she could do for the ALS awareness.


MS Dhoni: Why should our sports stars stay behind when the web is flooded with videos by various sportspersons? What will suit better than cold water to Captain Cool? This should be his next big thing after postponing his retirement plans, what say?


Enrique Iglesias: This is a call for the heartthrob of innumerable girls worldwide. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see him singing through the challenge? Pretty much like a shower singer, though!

You never know how many LITTLE GIRLS suffering from ALS might be helped!


Kapil Sharma: Why so serious? Let’s bring in Bitto Sharma and Dadi. Who knows what they make of the challenge!


Keeping the fun aside, we ought not to forget what this challenge is all about. Please go and donate to help these people. ALS may not be that prevalent in India but that must not deter us from helping those in need. Visit for further information about how to donate.



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