The online world was left shocked and flabbergasted when photos went viral of representatives of the United States of Kailasa were seen attending two UN committee meetings last month.

Coming from the ‘Kailasa’ country set up by the controversial godman Nithyananda that has its own issues, the all-women delegation was seen taking part in two of the committee meetings held on 24th February in Geneva.

In an email, a UN official confirmed to BBC that “USK representatives attended two UN public meetings in Geneva in February” with one being the “equal and inclusive representation of women in decision-making systems” at the United Nations Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and then another on sustainable development, hosted by the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR).

Now, the question being raised more than anything is how exactly did representatives from this so-called country even manage to get into the committee in the first place?

1. UN Allows It

As per a BBC report, the meetings the USK representatives attended were public ones that anyone could just enter and participate in. According to Vivian Kwok, a media officer at the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights that is in charge of these two committees “These general discussions are public meetings open to anyone who is interested.”

She also added that the written submission given by the USK rep to the CEDAW would not be in their official reports because it was “irrelevant to the topic of the general discussion”.

2. USK Using UN To Their Own Advantage

There is also the theory that the Kailasa delegates somehow used the UN’s rule to allow civil society groups and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) participation in their committee as a way to enter the event itself.

As per an India Today investigation it is believed that Nithyananda and other USK officials “has been setting up charities and corporations in different parts of the world to run his operations.” Their report found around 10 organisations that were registered with the United Nations in 2020 said to likely be affiliated with Kailasa.

Now, the UN offers access to its platforms to representatives that are affiliated with a legitimate organisation. The theory going around is that the USK representatives used one of the many organisations registered at the UN as a way to gain access to the committee itself and then attended the public meetings that would not require any higher clearance.

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3. UN Investigating

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva is also reportedly doing their own investigation into how this happened and how they got inside the meetings in the first place.

They’re verifying with the organisers and other officials in charge of the event and understand how representatives from an unrecognised country whose head is a fugitive and has rapists and other allegations could be allowed in.

4. What USK People Are Saying?

On 22nd February they tweeted first about the USK rep’s at UN Geneva writing “United States of KAILASA at the UN Geneva🇺🇳🕉️🕉️ LIVE ADDRESS📺 by the United States of KAILASA at the UN’s Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner.”

On February 25th they posted the now viral photo with the caption “USK at UN Geneva: Inputs on the Achievement of Sustainability Participation of the United States of KAILASA in a discussion on the General Comment on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Sustainable Development at the United Nations in Geneva The Economic, Social, and…”

Vijayapriya Nithyananda, a disciple of Nithyananda whose photo went viral described herself as a “Diplomat in Nithyananda’s country Kailasa” and also the “Permanent Ambassador of Kailasa to the UN.”

In her words, at the meeting, she said “Kailasa has been implementing the ancient Hindu policies and indigenous solutions that are in alignment with the time-tested Hindu principles for sustainable development” and asked for “protection” for Nithyananda whom she claimed was the “Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism.”

Nithyananda, a self-styled guru is currently wanted in India for several allegations and cases such as rape, sexual assault, and kidnapping among others.

In 2019, he fled the country after several charges and established a new country called United States of Kailasa (USK) on an island off the coast of Ecuador in South America that he bought.

The place is not recognised by the UN among its 193 countries or any other official authorities, however, it is said to have its own flag, a government website, national emblem and anthem, passport and more.

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