The struggle for the crown has been going on for centuries. All of us have read multiple times in our history books how people have fought for the crown and the respect and profit that comes with it. The Crown is considered so important that many have even killed their fathers and potential successors so as to gain control over the crown.   

Though Hyderabad merged with India on 18th September 1948, the title of Nizam is still held on even though it comes without royal trappings.  

As the last Nizam of Hyderabad died on January 11, of this year; the battle for the crown has come alive. Though a successor was chosen, problems have arisen as there is one more in the race. Before knowing who they are, let us know a little about the last Nizam of Hyderabad.

The Last Nizam Of Hyderabad

The last Nizam of Hyderabad was Mukarram Jah who had succeeded his grandfather Mir Osman Ali Khan and inherited wealth from his maternal as well as paternal families.

Mukarram Jah, the last Nizam of Hyderabad

Sadly, Mukarram Jah didn’t visit Hyderabad for a decade. Still, when he died in Turkey this year, according to his wishes, he was buried in the city’s Mecca Masjid and a slew of people came to bid him adieu.

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Who Are The Potential Successors?

Azmet Jah was Mukarram Jah’s son from his first wife, Princess Esra from Turkey. Jah, a filmmaker and cinematographer mostly lives abroad and visits Hyderabad rarely.

During his career, he has collaborated with popular figures like Steven Spielberg and veteran actor Richard Attenborough.  He did his initial schooling in London and got a college degree for University in California in the US.

Azmet Jah

Next in line is Raunaq Yar Khan, and unlike Azmet, he is a local socialite. Khan has a vast and diverse social circle and it takes a lot for him to maintain it. His annual Holi parties are Hyderabad’s famous go-to and are attended by many of his foreign friends.

He also hosts elite polo tournaments, while also paying for the city mosque’s upkeep and renting properties for movie shoots.

Raunaq Yar Khan

According to The Print, he holds a doctorate in community harmony and also served as a Delhi Police advisor between 1989-1999. He is the maternal grandson of Mir Mahboob Ali Khan, the sixth Nizam of Hyderabad.

He said, “If you even give me one billion dollars to leave Hyderabad, I still wouldn’t do it. That is my love for the city. My Holi parties promote communal harmony because I invite people who believe in different religions, and that harmony is exactly our legacy.” 

The Fights And Legalities

Thousands do not agree with Azmet Jah being the successor. Also, they were kept away from the ceremony at the storied Chowmahalla Palace.

A member of the Majlis-E-Saheb Zadegan Society (MESS), which chose Raunaq Yar Khan as the successor, said, “We wanted to do it in Chowmahalla Palace (where Azmet Jah) was crowned, but that’s closed. We suspect it has been shut to not allow us to go ahead with our ceremony.”

The MESS members say that Azmet Jah’s long absence from the city has made him unfit for Nizam’s position. In a press statement, MESS said, “After Mukkaramjah, his son Azmet Jah had hardly been to Hyderabad and was unaware of any responsibilities and workings of the Asaf Jahi Dynasty. His continued silence, absence and remaining incommunicado with [other] members of the Asaf Jahi Dynasty Family prompted us to choose the best amongst the family.”

In 1967, Prince Mukkaram Jah was recognized as the “Ruler of Hyderabad” under Article 366 (22) of the Indian Constitution, allowing him to be formally anointed as the city’s eighth Nizam. However, the Indian government abolished all royal titles in 1971.

The new Nizam has no effect on policy or politics, but the line of succession connects them to their two-century heritage and Hyderabad. Now it has to be seen who finally gets the title and wins the race for the crown. 

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