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Campus Placements: All That Glitters Isn’t Gold


By Mehak Bahri

It will be the end of the super chilled out college life for me by the end of May, and for a lot of other final year students as well (obviously). To be honest, we’re all a little scared, probably nervous, and anxious and all of us are confused up to a certain degree. People are prepping up for their MBAs, post graduations and interview calls with other universities.


Now, there’s a certain ‘clique’ in college that has managed to bag some of the best campus placements that the college has to offer. The BIG FOUR firms are undoubtedly the ones students are willing to sacrifice their lives for. Anyway, the students who are placed are considered as the coolest and the ones who have their whole life figured out for themselves. But is that really what they feel?


We live in a country with a population of more than 1 billion! The rat race is inevitable. Everyone wants a campus placement, so that they aren’t left behind. But why are so many students willing to risk their entire careers and education path for a job profile that isn’t even in accordance to their degree?


Placements are definitely a HUGE compliment to the students that have bagged them. The students who want work experience are unquestionably lucky and they probably deserve their job. But are campus placements all about the glitz and the sparkles, and the incredible title that they have achieved?

1. Your Dreams and Your Aspirations

However clichéd this phrase might sound, it holds a certain degree of truth “do what you love”. Amongst the herd mentality of fellow classmates applying for campus placements, you tend to forget what you really want to do in life. A friend, from Economics got placed at a top notch firm, but what he really wanted to was to pursue his post-graduation degree in Mass Communication to work for a news agency. He told me that Economics would give him the knowledge and mass communication would give him the skill. But, what now? He’s placed and cannot seem to think beyond that.

If you really want to do something with your life that seems out of the norms, go for it. Don’t go for placements just because everyone else is doing it. Remember how moms used to say “If your friend jumps in the well, then will you too?” So before jumping in that well, talk to yourself. Is this what you really want? You can probably do so much more with your life if you go for what you actually want.


Beyond the glitz of the shiny office, the unlimited coffee, the crisp formal suits are your dreams. Don’t leave them behind.

2. Always Explore

Sometimes it usually happens in life that we cannot see further beyond a point, both literally and figuratively speaking. The things you can do if you challenge fate and explore so many opportunities in store would be remarkable.


It is important for all of us third year students to understand that placements are not the end of the world. It is fantastic that you have a backup plan if you get placed, but there are so many other options that you can check out.


In fact, today there are so many counselors, so many websites that can tell you what you can do with your potential, your forte and what you really like that will give you heaps of money too!

A placement should not be the end of the opportunities that you are willing to explore.

3. A CV Keeps Growing

A campus placement should not signify the attempts of growing your CV. Even if you are taking up the placement, having a healthy CV during your college life puts you in a better spot. A big firm’s experience will look brilliant on your CV, but so will the other work experiences and internships that you have done will.


Try out volunteering, or social service. These kinds of experiences bring you sheer happiness and the gratitude and blessings of the people that you receive are uncountable. Even practically speaking, social service earns kudos in front of top notch companies as well as other job prospects.

So, with the time you have left till you finish up with graduation and start working, it is best to gain more experience. Companies DO check your record, and you don’t want it to seem as if your life goals are just till you get placed!

4. You Still Gotta Study!

This is another personal example, about how we students stop studying after getting placed. NO! In fact, we stop attending college all together. You do realize that your mark sheet is one single piece of paper that IS used to judge your performance. And no, I’m NOT saying it’s the only thing that is used to screen you, but it is definitely important.


Also, you have a few months left of college don’t you? I’m sure you can still meet up your friends in lounges, restaurants, parks, etc. But can you attend classes with them? Make fun of random girls, imitate your profs and roam around your college like you effin own it? NO! Don’t miss out on all this because of a placement. Yes, it’s a big deal, but it’s also a big deal that you’re college life is almost over. Live that.


Campus placements are great! They give you the sense of realization that you have achieved something in life. Go for it, if that’s what you really want because there is no bigger experience than this.

But, for a moment also think what you would have done if it hadn’t been for the placement. Would you have followed your dreams, explored more? Is this what you REALLY want? The sparkles and the glitz won’t last forever. Your dreams, hell yeah they will.

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