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CAA Israel expands its US operation


CAA Israel, an Israeli weapons manufacturer, is one of several major companies bringing Israeli systems and technology to the worldwide market.

The State of Israel is known as a leading exporter of advanced weapons and defence technology, selling to governments and private corporations around the globe.

According to a new report, CAA Israel, founded by CEO Moshe Oz, is now engaged in several deals across the world – including the United States, which will officially commence in the first quarter (Q1) of 2021.

CAA Israel is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of superior advanced arms accessories, in addition to ammunition. They are well-known for its patented “RONI” and other light weapons accessories.

The increase in CAA’s business activities comes after extensive executive management changes and legal proceedings. Previously, CAA was partially owned by foreign partners who sought to shift the company’s power from the long-standing Israeli ownership. Now, CAA has returned to the market with partly new ownership and new advanced products.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is closing countries with a second wave and subsequent lockdowns, online weapons sales in the United States have increased. Though, CEO Moshe Oz has said that the global pandemic has “slowed down the momentum of our global marketing, but it is a temporary slowdown.”

Outside of the United States, CAA Israel has closed considerable transactions in Asian, African and European countries, each worth millions of dollars.

With CAA’s re-emergence in Israel and on the global stage, Oz and his partners are likely to continue to see their business activities and investment soar.

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