New Delhi (India), June 1: Providing a collaboration of professional acumen and an on-the-field task force in operations, Buzaao is an automated smart fire safety industry. They are moving ahead with the mission to digitise the fire safety industry with innovative tech-enabled services and to create fire safety awareness. A human power of over 2000 vendors is present in this industry. Buzaao has been widely applauded for its services in a very short period since its beginning. They came to the industry only two and a half years before, but their innovative approach and services earned them acceptance and trust. The ease of procedures through digital means is also one reason why they are chosen, along with their innovative and quality service. Fire Safety DashboardClick-Away Reporting, and Digital Safety Mapping make Buzaao stand out in the industry.

Buzaao has a plethora of products and services

Buzaao is keen to make itself a one-stop destination for all Fire & safety products and services. They have three specific areas of concern- i. Fire Safety Department, ii. Fire safety professionals and iii. Premise owner. More than just being a service provider, it is committed to the safety aspect of its customers through quality products. Buzaao provides a wide range of products:

  • Fire Hydrant System
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Alarm System 
  • Fire Sprinkler System
  • Personal Protective
  • Equipment and 
  • Fire Signage

Buzaao offers a structured and timely procedure

Why Buzaao turns out to be a wise option because of its well-knit procedures. Their timely maintenance and tracking of the security of the system make them the right choice. Buzaao ensures that we get real-time updates for ongoing tasks during the entire process. They undertake an on-the-ground inspection to understand the required action. They also provide cloud-based instant data storage to maintain fire safety records. These are unique features at a very advanced level that are not provided by other contemporaries in the fire and safety industry.

How do I get Buzaao’s service, and what are the steps?

Buzaao, through its digital tools and procedures, makes the installation and further procedures very easy for the customers. The initial approach to availing services from Buzaao is also very convenient.

  • Book an appointment with Buzaao, and the professional team will be available at your doorstep.
  • Get an instant survey report followed by BOQ once the on-ground task force is approved.
  • Buzaao sets up a QR system at all required points during the installation process to provide awareness about fire safety for the premise holder and enable smart reminders and reporting.

Spreading safety awareness and being socially responsible

Fire accidents are becoming more frequent over the years. To enlighten the general public about taking precautions, Buzaao International Pvt. Ltd. has started campaigns. It is envisioned to educate people about precautionary measures and solutions, including a QR-based system approach. By keeping their social responsibility as a primary objective, Buzaao aims to provide their digital fire safety tools to AMC at a free set-up cost for government premises used for education and medical services. Buzaao is a national initiative to ensure fire and safety for both commercial and residential spaces. Buzaao’s mission is to digitise the fire and safety industry with innovative tech-enabled services.

Three major components of what Buzaao offers

  • Business-to-Business Procurement Platform: This platform serves businesses operating in the fire and safety industry. The inefficiencies these businesses incur in their operations will be rectified by doing the needful. Buzaao wants to enable them to run their businesses on this platform and help them in all aspects, from discovery to delivery.
  • Service Provider Solutions: Service providers in the fire safety industry face various challenges during their day-to-day operations. They often find hurdles in the installation and maintenance orders. Buzaao is providing a solution that empowers them to fulfil their tasks at operations and executions efficiently and to modernise their procedures simultaneously.
  • Consumers: Consumers should be kept up to date on the latest updates to their fire safety equipment and its maintenance. This assures the security of their property. Buzaao is up to date in this regard and is doing well in informing consumers about it. Buzaao’s consumer base includes people, businesses, housing societies, and governments.

Buzaao is the most trusted fire safety platform today and has the most advanced technology-driven features, including a dashboard. This ensures the safety of their consumers and their premises. Moreover, the installation and maintenance are also ensured by the brand, so there’s no hassle on the consumers’ side. Safety precautions are very important in our daily lives, just like any other essential. Hence, choose the best for yourself, and Buzaao is a wise choice.



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