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Brooklyn, New York’s top edm artist DJ Preme making his present count in 2020



Supreme Jones was born in Brooklyn, New York back in January of 1991. His mother was a close friend of the Brooklyn street legend 50 Cent as well as Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, and she ultimately decided to name her son after McGriff. Jones always had a passion for music and appreciated the way in which it could bring people together. He became close with Newark rapper Miss Nana and even acted as her hype man. One day, Miss Nana’s DJ became unavailable to provide her music during a show and Jones was chosen to act as a substitute, thus DJ Preme was born. 

DJ Preme explains that being a hype man is all about amplifying crowds and making sure their energy is optimized prior to an artist’s performance. Being a hype man taught Preme how to effectively communicate with crowds. DJs must possess the ability to understand their crowd and determine what gets members of the crowd moving. Simple things like knowing the date in order to capitalize on horoscopes, asking if there are any single ladies in the room, or asking if there are couples around is apparently an easy method to get crowd members involved. Most people who attend concerts and clubs have acknowledged DJs asking such questions, but they may not have ascertained the rationale for doing so. 

Although he is in the process of transitioning out, Preme joined the air force in 2009. His service allowed him the opportunity to showcase his DJing skills in multiple foreign countries including Dubai, Greece, and many others. Preme asserts that it felt amazing to travel the world and serve his country all while being a DJ for deployed service members. Preme was able to play all genres of music to all demographics of people during this time. He has even achieved awards and letters of appreciation from congressmen and mayors for his talents.  

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