​A pioneering platform offers live interactive sessions, practical education, and consultancy services for tech enthusiasts.

New Delhi (India), August 19: Aditi Gupta, an innovative woman entrepreneur who has been a part of Capgemini and also associated with Technopole for 3 years and the founder of TechTip24, is at the forefront of the tech industry’s extraordinary shift. TechTip24 has emerged as a beacon of excellence in the data analytics and business intelligence education environment due to its unwavering dedication to providing 100% practical training. Aditi’s transformation from a high-achieving professional to a visionary educator is not only motivating, but it is also shaping the next generation of technology aficionados.

Aditi Gupta recognised the need for affordable and top-tier data analytics training as the need for data-driven insights continues to rise across sectors. She has successfully bridged the gap between formal education and real-world skills with TechTip24. “Our unique selling point is that we focus on student quality rather than quantity.” “I am inspired to share my knowledge because of the student’s dedication,” Aditi Gupta stated.

TechTip24 distinguishes itself with its unique combination of live interactive sessions, open mic elements, screen sharing, and extensive advisory services. The platform is actually transforming the tech education scene with an easy-to-use application and 45+ hours of training content, including their budget-friendly Power BI programme. Aditi’s hands-on approach and dedication to quality have resulted in the successful training of over 45,000 students, working professionals, and freshers in data analytics and business intelligence.

Aditi Gupta’s entrepreneurial story exemplifies the growing tide of female entrepreneurs breaking through boundaries and making a difference. “Despite challenges, women’s entrepreneurship in India has been on the rise in recent years.” “We need to overcome societal mindsets in order to provide better resources and opportunities for women in business,” Aditi Gupta said of women’s participation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Aditi’s leadership style is distinguished by a servant-like approach,’ in which team building and holistic growth are prioritised. Her achievements attest to her dedication: she was named Edupreneur of the Year by Global Startup Summit 2023, India’s Leading Tech Coach 2022 by Pepper Content, and she was recognised by the Government of India for her contributions to the spread of knowledge in Data Science.

Aditi Gupta hopes that TechTip24 will reach over 10 million students in the next five years. She intends to grow her staff from 30 to 100 individuals in order to keep TechTip24 at the forefront of providing cutting-edge tech education.
For more information: https://techtip24.com/


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