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Laughter is a wonderful thing, right? It lightens the mood, brings people together, and makes everything seem brighter. But not always. Especially not when you’re in the middle of a serious situation, and you find yourself struggling to keep a straight face. Here’s a little dive into why I must (absolutely MUST) stop laughing during serious moments.

I remember those school days when the teacher would give you “the look” if you dared to even breathe loudly. Class 9E, history period, Mrs. Sharma is giving an intense lecture on the Mughal Empire.

Out of nowhere, my friend Shivam whispers a joke about Akbar and his grave. My brain goes, “Haha, that’s funny,” and then my mouth follows suit with a snort. The entire class turns to look at me, including Mrs. Sharma who looks like she’s just seen Babur’s ghost.

Result? An hour of detention and a legendary story that Shivam still teases me about.

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Indian weddings are serious business. It’s not just about two people getting married; it’s a spectacle of emotions, traditions, and a battalion of relatives. So, during my cousin’s wedding, everything is going smoothly. The groom is waiting, the bride is ready, and the pandit is chanting away. Suddenly, the pandit’s phone rings and his ringtone is Tinku Jia.

I burst out laughing. Right there, in front of the sacred fire. The bride’s side gave me a murderous look, and my mom started praying to every deity to save her from this embarrassment.

Weddings are one thing, and a little laugh is always appreciated on these occasions, however, that’s not the case for funerals. I know, I know, you might be thinking, “How could you possibly laugh at a funeral?” Well, hear me out first.

It was my great-uncle’s funeral, and emotions were running high. But my younger cousin, who’s always had a flair for drama, decides to give a speech. His attempt at seriousness was thwarted by a sudden hiccup attack, making his solemn words sound like an over-enthusiastic Morse code. 

It was so unexpected that I let out a giggle. A giggle! At a funeral! My aunt nearly disowned me on the spot.

Laughter is indeed the best medicine, but sometimes, it’s like laughing gas – it strikes at the most inopportune moments. If you ever find yourself in a similar predicament, take solace in knowing that you’re not alone. We all have our moments of inappropriate hilarity.

Maybe one day, I’ll master the art of keeping a straight face during serious times. Until then, I’ll keep collecting these cringe-worthy yet amusing anecdotes. And if you see me at a wedding, or a funeral, just give me a little nudge to remind me: “Not now, dude. Not now.”

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