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Pujo, beyond lots of shopping and pandal hopping, is about nostalgia. The cottony white clouds floating amidst the vivid blue sky and the sweet scent of shiuli and chhaateem filling up the air are all reminiscent of the tales by Tagore (and more) my mother read to me back in my childhood days – stories about joy and grief, bonding and homecoming!

It makes me visualize the wide kaash fields in the countryside, the distant lands – lands I’ve never been to but have read about – lands across which two young siblings run barefoot, celebrating their simple and carefree lives to the fullest, in each other’s company. And to me, that’s exactly what pujo is all about – letting go of all ‘fret and care’ in the company of loved ones.

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Adulting often makes one involuntarily part of a futile rat race and forget the simple joys of life. Last year around this time, I was going through a rough phase: career, relationships, family, personal issues and whatnot!

I could feel my life going downhill with no ray of hope. That’s when my best friend whom I hadn’t met for months, offered to catch up for pandal hopping. I thought why not.

Little did I know that the autumn mist, the rhythm of dhaak, the vibrance of the colors around, a long walk and a little chat with her would actually bring me back to life – something even antidepressants were failing to do. It was as though Durga herself descended to take all the negativity around me away with her!

It has been almost a year now since I left my ancestral place and shifted to an apartment. All my precious pujo moments of childhood and adolescence have now turned into distant memories. Even the autumn sky that once evoked a multitude of memories and emotions, is now locked out of sight by surrounding buildings.

Looking around my apartment today, I miss the place I once called home. Will pujo ever be the same for me?

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