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“Feeling depressed with 69 others” – all of us have come across such posts on social media. We all have that one person in our friend list or contact list who puts up sad status too often. Some of us just scroll by such stuff, others treat it as meme material but how many of us actually care about the people posting such stuff? None.

“Attention-seeking”, “extra”, “melodramatic” and “weirdo” – are some of the most common tags given to one putting up sad statuses on WhatsApp.

This mockery reaches its peak especially when one puts up such posts or statutes after a break-up. From getting labelled as “Nibba-Nibbi” to being rebuked and even ridiculed for crying over a guy or girl, no one really empathizes with people undergoing a break-up.

All they instead give is career advice because everything else is just so petty! If this seems like a very obvious reaction to you as well, let’s look at things from the perspective of someone who undergoes a break-up.

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Any kind of relationship, be it platonic or romantic, demands a lot of emotional investment. Our partners often influence and even shape our approach to life. Not to mention the attachment and trust that gets built up over time just to be broken!

Losing a loved one is akin to losing emotional support and gaining insecurities, self-doubt and whatnot. The absence of their company leaves us in a state of loneliness and despair. Losing our loved ones is indeed overbearing.

It’s a void that cannot be fulfilled with a high salary. Building a career does not substitute for a broken relationship – the two aspects are completely unrelated. Our loved ones are just as important as our career no matter what people say.

Expressing sorrow by posting sad stories on social media might be dramatic and pointless for you but for many, it is a coping mechanism.

Suicidal Tendencies – A Common Resultant Of Breakups

So next time instead of judging your friend for crying over their ex, better understand their situation and comfort them instead.

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