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There are certain things that you just get used to, even if you don’t have any particular affinity or positive emotions towards them. You kind of just become used to them enough that at the very least they stop grating on your nerves.

But the process to that is not all that quick, something I learnt with the idiotic ad from Urban Company that has been blaring on practically every single YouTube video for the past few months for me.

If any of you has not seen it… don’t worry in the least. I have it right here, watch this and realise what I’m talking about.


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This nonsense ad has been coming on incessantly on literally every YouTube video I’ve watched, sometimes multiple times in the longer-duration ones to the point where I’ve got the lines memorised.

This knowledge brings me a hilarious kind of deep pain, where I’m just laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. First of all, you expect me to believe that a service worker will just on their own give credit for a clean bathroom to someone else?! And then you expect me to believe that this company’s bathroom cleaning is like this?!

That “Not me… Urban Company” line brings back war flashbacks for me, and top it with the fact that these ads are often non-skippable… which is a whole other topic to rant about and how its one of the digital cruelties, is just the cherry on the cake. So you have to sit there, while this ad plays out and wait for it to end just so you can get to your video.

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