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Being an outstation student, my college life started with a lot of adventures. I call them adventures now, but it was indeed the toughest period. I used to cry everyday. I used to crave going back home so much. Having not a single familiar face around for the whole day was not something I was prepared for. I didn’t like going to college. I even didn’t like to stay back at PG. 

It took me four months to adapt to the new world. I finally made some friends. Everything was coming on track, but then the pandemic happened. I went back home for my Holi break and never came back. I was happy staying at home.

I did miss college at times but home always felt better. Almost after two years, my college reopened. I was excited yet anxious. 

Nothing has changed in these years in college except for a shift from Parteek Kuhad songs to AP Dhillon beats all over. But things for me were very different this time. I had some people who were waiting to see me back.

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I was glad that in all these years, at least I have made some relations like this. I was happy to be able to spend at least three months of college life in college, physically, as against the virtual college life.

I met my favorite professors for the first time in real. I was never expecting that. The common area, classes, garden, canteen, everything seemed so welcoming. I could finally hear “up for a bunk?” from my friends. I could finally replace those hug emojis and stickers with the actual warmth I felt while meeting them. 

I could see the anxious faces all around us except for my batch, everyone was seeing the college for the first time. I saw a girl sitting in the canteen all alone and eating food. It made me feel nostalgic. Rajma chawal never tasted this delicious in those five months. 

The sudden switch from a shy junior to a not-so-shy senior has been very exciting. I met my juniors for the first time, though we knew each other very well virtually. They were pretty much ready for the college chaos which I apparently was not. 

This happened, and when I went home for the Holi break this year, I started missing college for the first time. I missed everything about it, and I think these are the sweet, little joys of offline college.

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