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I am a Delhi University student, so my life is pretty chill anyway. However, unlike the North Campus colleges (and some others as well) that have a minimum of 75% attendance compulsory, my college has no such restrictions whatsoever.

What this means is that I have no incentive to go to college (read, classes) in any case, even though I live hardly 500 meters away from my college and have nothing, in particular, to do all day except, of course, sleep.

Ah, sleep!

To delve further into the ‘attendance scam’, as I like to call it, let me explain to you how it normally works.

Most private colleges and a decent number of Delhi University colleges have a strict rule of a minimum of 75% attendance being compulsory for each student. If one has less than 75% attendance, there are numerous issues, ranging from submitting a medical report (in case one was ‘genuinely’ sick) to signing an affidavit (promising to not default again).

In more serious cases, one is denied his admit card and is debarred from sitting for the examinations. How ridiculous is that?

I mean, as a student of a college that has no attendance issues whatsoever, such stringent rules really are alien to us. Why would you stop someone from appearing for the examinations just because he didn’t turn up for the classes every 3 out of 4 days?

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Having no attendance pressure has its own perks, though. No attendance means no classes. However, that does not mean I don’t go to my college at all.

In fact, ever since I realized that I have no incentive to go to my classes, I’ve started going to college all the more, albeit for a lesser duration.

All I do is to sit and chill with my friends, conduct society meetings or go to college fests. I feel I make more productive use of my time than attending my classes.

And before someone takes the moral high ground and claim that one should attend classes to gain knowledge and learn new things, I’m sorry, that does not happen in colleges anymore.

Oh, and did I even mention how cool it is to go to college without a bag? Ah, it gives me a different level of satisfaction altogether.

Wish I could do the same in school too!

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