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Trigger warning, boys! I’m no feminist but Desi moms must stop worshipping, pampering, and blindly believing in their sons anymore. It’s okay to love and care for them, but the worst thing they can do is treat their kids to the point where he thinks too highly of himself.

I don’t believe that all of the males have been over-nurtured or idolized by their mums, but I’ve seen that most of the guys are wolfish and nuisance. 

It’s a zero-tolerance zone for me to date a guy if he is too high on himself, getting praised by his parents and family, and doing whatever feels good to him and is wrong for society. I don’t want to sound biased by saying this statement.

Everyone including me love ourselves. We can’t put ourselves low in life. But, the whole point is there’s a thin line between accepting yourself and considering yourself as a “Raja” of his life.

The grooming for a young girl to become the “ideal” bride begins at home. She is forced to work in the kitchen while her brother is free to do whatever he wants. When she marries, she is supposed to be a man-tender to her husband. As though he is incapable of caring for himself.

Oh please? Why does a woman have to be both a wife and a mother to her husband? If I marry a Raja Beta, I’m quite sure I’ll have to deal with some of these issues.

He Gets Immensely Praised For Doing Even The Slightest Thing

“Look who did the utensils” 

“Wow! He’s in the kitchen” 

“OMG! You did the laundry?”

I was thankfully raised in a society where my guy-friends or uncles aren’t over-praised for doing the household chores, but I’m sure we’ve all encountered this situation and wondered if women working in offices are becoming the new normal, why don’t people consider boys doing domestic duties as normal?

Is it always essential to reward males with extra compliments for this, but our moms, who do it on a regular basis, receive no recognition?

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It’s not the complete mistake of boys, here. Rather, it’s we who push them and obviously, it is unsurprising for them to believe they are entitled to everything in life.

“Beta Budhape Ka Sahara Hota Hai” Why Are Sons Equivalent To Security?

Indian households see their sons as Raja Betas, the successor to the family’s wealth and the family’s pride. But have we ever wondered why it is usually the son who is seen as the perfect parent’s support? What if a son is unable to bear the burden?

Why can’t a daughter be the family’s pride and support? Is it appropriate to define the worth of kids based on their gender, whose dynamics are set by patriarchal society?

But, dear society, is it appropriate to value daughters and boys based on their gender, skills, and how much they can repay their families? Even if we know that we’re getting modernized, these patriarchal thoughts often come over out of nowhere when it’s about families and sons.

I am well aware that a Raja Beta will never be my Raja if he believes he does not need to bend or compromise for everyone he loves. 

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