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“Manners maketh man.”

This phrase is but one aspect of what contributes to forming and solidifying the absolute extent of what makes a person a human being. More often than not the manners that a person acquires are made available through the consumption of the surroundings around them and most times, through the vehicle of popular media.

However, much more than that, more than people, a person acquires the said “manners” through a very succinct source of popular media- cinema.

These are the reasons why I believe that movies or cinema is more instrumental in forming character than a person’s surroundings. To be more specific, these are the reasons as to why I believe personally movies are more instrumental in forming character so take the reasons with a grain of salt. 

Convincing Hero Figures

The entirety of our social media is nowadays filled with characters who would, under normal circumstances be labelled as frighteningly toxic, such as Tyler Durden and Patrick Bateman. However, they have now taken over the entirety of the toxic masculinity hemisphere where people have started, unironically, magnetically posed towards them.

Some have taken to portraying their characteristics because of how simple it is to ape off characters that harness supernatural powers with little regard for people around them.

This is quantified by the fact that in the audio-visual medium, the sky has always been the limit. Fortunately, I never found true respite in aping off the whims of psychopaths and sociopaths but I cannot say the same for my masculine fraternity.

I learnt the meaning of strife through the adventures of Ben Stiller’s Walter Mitty and sometimes that is the perfect balance between the outlandish and the natural that ones surrounding can sparsely provide.

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Lack Of Ego

Maybe it is just me but more often than not whenever I find myself in conversation with a person, it is fairly rare that I actually take the time to be impressed by the person to the extent of forming a fair rapport. Mostly because of a humongous ego that troubles me to this day.

However, when it comes to movies, I know that the person I am looking at is not my competition and I will not have to one up them now, or in the near future.

Thus, looking at a certain Vito Corleone does not ruffle my feathers to the extent of making them my competition. I can celebrate their wins wholeheartedly while also crying over their losses with a heavy heart, without feeling the urge to knock them over. 

These are but a few reasons but these are the main reasons why the entire issue still boggles my mind and why I need to get it out of my system. Suffice to say, I finally have.

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