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It all began with the anxiety of having to stay in a hostel. After all, we all have heard some not-too-good stories about them and also of the dictatorship of the hostel warden.

However, it did not take me more than a couple of weeks to realize that I could not have been more mistaken.

A good thing about accommodating yourself in a hostel is its well-planned building designed for students. Thus unlike a PG, you will have enough space for your books and other belongings. Your study table will most likely be large enough to give you ample space to spread out your books and notebooks.

For me, seeing my hostel room was love at first sight.

Even if you do not have a large enough study table, your hostel will certainly have a separate reading/study room/library. This became a hub of not only late-night readings but also of the late-night maggi sessions during exams.

Besides your hostel will also have large enough lawns and a campus to stroll around in!

Pretty soon they will change into hang out zones and midnight stroll routes!

Thus, be prepared to be surrounded by people all the time in the hostel.

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For starters, it might seem an annoying idea to you but you will get used to it in a short while and also look forward to hanging out with your hostel mates more and more.

Much of your time will be occupied with endless conversations, movie-on-laptop times, UNO games and so much more. You will forget what being lonely felt like!

As you spend so much time with your mates, dining with them, going to college with them, they will become more family to you.

You will know each of their habits, annoying as well as the good ones alike!

Hostel life definitely helped me revive my long lost belief in lasting friendships. I realized the lengths to which friends are willing to go for you in life and not just in movies and books.

I am glad I chose hostel over any PG!

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