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My mind longs for those days when philosophers could retreat into silent woods and live in calm lodges, miles away from the chatter-patter of crowded towns. The kind of corporate world that we live in today demands us to be socially active and this has been the milieu of many of the college campuses in India.

On the first day of college itself, we find ourselves bombarded with invitations to join clubs, organisations and student groups. A typical introvert who wants to be left alone in their own space finds themselves feeling overwhelmed and inadequate.

An introvert’s favourite activity is being left alone

As a result, they have to work harder than an average student to meld in with the crowd and find alike minds.

However, online education has been a blessing to most of our social anxieties. Although connection stability has been limited to those that possess enough privilege, there have been many advantages of online classes.

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Participation In Classroom Discussions

Attending a video call means you are not sitting in a classroom surrounded by people. It also means that you can now feel much more comfortable to voice your points and raise discussions in the classroom. Minimal anxiety, minimal regrets.

These are some of the things introverts love

More Space to Engage With Personal Goals

With minimum pressure to participate in college activities, there is much more space for you to pursue your own interests such as learning an instrument, taking up extra courses or writing blogs (hehe)!

Minimal Peer Pressure

It’s natural for humans to compare themselves with people around them, and social media has only aggravated the idea that going out and having fun defines a good life. However, online classes have reduced this ongoing pressure and a typical introvert can now feel better about their favourite activity: sitting on their bed and sipping coffee while plugging in some chill music.

Introverts support each other!

And of course, we are getting to spend much more time with our family now, even though we sit alone inside our room most of the time. Nobody can find us here, we are at peace.

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