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American English has been regarded as the degenerate stepbrother of British English, or Original English, as stated by our friends at the British Council.

The rampant mismatch of Shakespearean ideals with O’Henry’s has marked the two dividing forks into a constant pitchfork battle between the two ‘languages’(?). 

The Queen’s English has tried to maintain its composure right at the top of the food chain with the Yankees trying to gasp for the last breath of fresh air, laying flat below. Or at least that’s what the fanboys of the Queen will tell you. 

However, there’s a reason why I believe American English is the absolute MVP (most valuable playa) and why.

The Universality of American English

American English has been the OG in every other state of affairs. It has trumped British English at its own game, so much so that even the Queen’s men have adopted certain words from the American lexicon.

It’s proven by the fact that every corner of a street block in all the major cities of our blue Earth echoes with the calls of ‘sup dude?’ 

Care for a pint or will just a shave do?

And honestly, it’s not just street blocks that liven up with the cacophony of American English, but even in the farthest corners of the world one can find a tiny smidge of American English.

We can discuss this later when you find yourselves walking into a ‘Saloon’ and coming out getting a haircut instead.

American English Runs Popular Media

It is no wonder that most artists of this generation belong to the State of liberty and freedom, and no I am not talking about North Korea. The Stars and Stripes hang in almost all major nations of the world, and to be fair, not in the form of a flag. 

The face of Yankee Dream and Yankee English

The very fact that they rule the entertainment industry makes them the prime ambassador of the American Dream and consequently, the American language upon the world beyond the Americas.

It is no coincidence when Mark Wahlberg came up to the Chinese man and called him a ‘chink’, he was only being respectful of the American language. Wake me up when Michael Caine does the same. 

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Help! I Can’t Spell

It is easier to spell, not gonna lie. Hence, it’s better

Yes, that is the predominant reason as to why one would choose to adopt American English. The classiest method by which the Americans covered up their inability to spell was by forming an entirely new version of English based on the new (in)correct spellings. And, honestly, it is the best way to teach your newborn infant who still thinks ‘b’ is shaped like an inverted ‘p’.

American English is flawed but, it just reduces a minefield of work. Hence, every day as I wake up, I write a letter to the President stating my love for him. I salute their ineptitude. 

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