Boycott Kerala Fiasco; A Letter to Animal Lovers

stray-dog2Dear Dog Lover Across India,

Animal right activists sprang up to life against Kerala bursting with love for stray dogs in Kerala. No idea where all of them were until recently but they have gone too far emotional that they have decided to boycott Kerala!! Even more astounding a Tamil movie star Vishal even proclaimed that he would go on a hunger strike against Kerala. Reading the news and the varied reactions from within Kerala and outside the state, anyone would be wondering whether they are reading a spoof column.

Why does it require to kill stray dogs in Kerala?? To all dear animal lovers, please don’t stoop to be so desperate to be on the news that your actions may be dubbed as human haters. Every year the number of people who suffer from bites from stray dogs in Kerala is over three thousand according to the government records published in 2014. And you may not have been fortunately among one of them because you have not walked on the streets fearing the stray dogs. The dogs and cats you have seen are the vaccinated and tamed ones and believe me, the stray dogs do not belong to that league. They breed voraciously causing their population to rise year after year. They easily get infected with rabies and it is impossible to detect if a dog is affected since the body does not show signs of infection until it has spread. Have you ever been to a hydrophobia ward in a hospital? Rabies gives you one of the worst deaths ever. If you are bit by a stray dog one can always take precaution but even then it might not be safe.

The pet dogs are lovely, fuzzy and cuddly. But the stray dogs are a menace to people and its fellow dogs. Have you seen stray dogs after a fight?  Most of them would be bleeding and suffering a very painful death if the wounds get infected. Have you ever been chased by a stray dog while walking down an alley all alone?  Not a sweet pup, I am talking about the growling huge monstrous dogs who can knock you down in a second? Well I doubt you people hardly get down from your cars and vans. Because had you done that you would not made such an erroneous decision.

There are initiatives by few true animal lovers from both the government of Kerala and NGOs, who have started stray dog care centres where young pups are caught, vaccinated and properly fed. Such initiatives deserve an appreciation.

Well, now almost everyone knows that this fiasco was targeted to reduce the tourist attraction to Kerala. Because many other states and cities in India has already taken this step and you have never taken the initiative to boycott them. So kindly do not be a spoof item and be a scape goat in marketing strategies.

Yours truly,

A Malayali


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