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Boots! Yes the new obsession!


By Rashi Mittal

burgundy-boots-for-autumn-and-winterThe obsession and craze for stylish boots is common among girls these days. We all want to have those perfect pair of boots which go well with everything and make us look smarter and ofcourse taller! Picking the right kind of boots is a hard task. Ill-fitting walking boots can cause discomfort and pain or even permanent injury in severe cases. Nothing will ruin your walk or trek more than a bad pair of walking boots.

We all naturally want to save money whenever we go shopping for anything from the weekly groceries to a new car. However, when buying walking boots it’s not worth ‘skimping’ and trying to save your cash. As a general rule the price of a pair of walking boots will directly reflect the quality of the footwear — so be prepared to invest in a pair of good quality boots as it will be money well spent.

When buying your first pair of walking boots it is worth choosing comfort over durability. Don’t be tempted to select a tough, durable pair of boots simply to get your money’s worth because they will last longer. As a general rule, tougher, durable boots do not offer as much comfort as less durable footwear. If you select a durable pair of boots when you have just taken up walking then you might give up very soon due to the discomfort! So, for your first pair of boots try to select a comfortable, less durable design.

After you have been walking for a while your feet will start to toughen up — which means you will be able to invest in tougher footwear in the future. For many years leather was the material of choice when manufacturing outdoor footwear because leather is tough, durable and breathable (breathable footwear allows moisture from sweating to escape out of the boots.) However, advances in modern materials mean that many modern walking boots are made using new fabrics that offer toughness, durability, breath-ability and comfort. Modern fabric footwear will not be as tough or durable as leather footwear but will almost certainly offer better comfort and breath-ability.

After all the time and money you have invested in your walking boots it is worth doing the same for your socks too, as they can make all the difference to the comfort of your footwear! Blisters will form if you have damp or wet feet — so select a pair of socks that actively wick sweat and moisture away from your feet to your boots. Also, select socks with good padding in the heel and toe areas to absorb the impacts of your day’s activities. Designs that offer a seamless toe area also greatly reduce rubbing and discomfort. Never wear cotton socks when walking, though, as cotton absorbs and retains moisture, which leads to blister formation — and cold feet in winter!

Following these simple tips will get you the best and the most suitable pair! Happy Shopping!



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