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Bollywood needs this man’s music & lyrics…


Sometimes, when you listen to a song, you lose yourself in it… and that does not happen with Honey Singh songs, unless you are high AF.

With Irrfan Khan taking such effort in enlightening us that the taste of music that we are dancing to is rather “poor”, it would be a little far-fetched if the next item number from Singh Is Bling enters the TopCharts. But then again, who could call India far-fetched, right?

Anyhow… there are still some out there who still recognize the old-school concept of music being a communication to the mind and soul, and should have meaning and milieu.

I want to introduce someone whose music has hit me deep… *drum roll*

Anuv Jain was brought up in Ludhiana, and is currently pursuing a B.B.A. degree from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai. He is a friend of a friend.

When I heard his story, I felt bad – as anyone would – to know that he had recently lost his father.

However, it wasn’t until I was following a recommendation to one of his YouTube uploads, that I came across this, and then I started crying…

Anuv has a twin sister who was very close to their father. His untimely demise disturbed her very much, and Anuv wrote this song for her :’) The lyrics, though in Punjabi, have a meaning so beautiful that it would melt the coldest of souls.

You may see the YouTube page description for the meaning. And then wipe away the tears later! :P

The next one is something every girl wishes her guy would dedicate to her, if not write for her… Lucky was the one for whom Anuv wrote it – though he insists that each paragraph is for a different person. This one is in Hindi, and more popular. Although it’s what some men would call “maudlin”, this is the kind of song that will keep your lady happy… Everyone likes a little romance!

Ladies gone AWW? :P

When I asked Anuv why he didn’t pursue a professional career in Music, he told me about his vocal and Guitar training as a kid. His motive in not joining his music to the “stardom” reminded me of Nawazuddin Shah’s recent comment: “They say I have become a star. I’d rather just be an actor”.

Anuv doesn’t believe in “selling” his music. He wants it to be a costless luxury – unreservedly shared with whoever wants it. Undoubtedly, he would like to connect to a bigger audience and be paid to do what he loves, but he thinks that the pressure of expectation and possibility of greed will stain his purpose in creating pure music.

Anuv continues to work on his music; he has a lot more of these in his bag, but he is waiting for the perfect one to disclose to the world. Perhaps when he finds the faultless words, he will share another of his artworks with us about his mother – the one woman he is closest to on the planet. We are sooo looking forward to it!

Find Anuv Jain here…



Say Hi, Anuv! ^_^
Say Hi, Anuv! ^_^


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