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Where’s Cupid? An Emotional Plague Has Hit B’town With These Bollywood Breakups


By Niharika Ghoshal

Who likes heartbreaks? No one does especially when it’s the month of Valentine’s! But now, it’s upsetting and heartbreaking to see B’town heartthrobs ignore each other in public. It has been the year of Bollywood breakups and splits.  Heartbreaks and tears are quite common in Bollywood. Celebrities meet, hearts flicker and they fall in love but what breaks our hearts is when they part ways.

This year has been peppered with a bunch of celebrity breakups that have surprised and perplexed us. For instance, who didn’t think Hrithik and Sussanne wouldn’t make it? Were we not all rooting for Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jessia? How are we supposed to get over Ranbir and Katrina’s split?  And wasn’t Virat all gaga over Anushka?

ED has an exclusive idea to kick Cupid’s ass this month for screwing it up with these forever couples! May the love be with you!



This is Insta break-up SWAG!

LIKE SERIOUSLY? Virat and Anushka have unfollowed each other on Instagram; next what block each other on Facebook and Whatsapp?

Insta-Maggi was known of, but Insta-break up is something new on the cards. Unfollowing each other on Instagram has finally made our Bombay Velvet Queen a lesser followed celeb. Anushka is still rapacious about her winning an award further *Priyanka and Deepika are you listening*. Diving deep into Anushka’s thoughts, ED thinks that had she been spending more of her time rehearsing and spending less QUALITY time with Virat Puttar both of them would be shining like Ranveer-Deepika *Awwwww..*

The fans of the duo were all messed up in their minds about how could it even happen? *She just got the lip job done* ‘Virushka’ fans are already confused about whom to follow now. THEY CAN’T BAT ON BOTH THE SIDES.

Our Punjabi Munda Virat was all prepped up this Valentine’s season proposing the woman of his life for marriage but Anushka just popped a pill and told him – Virat, You know nothing!


You got no Power!

This couple always had the power to charm their fans with their on-screen and off-screen love. But I guess the argument about who’s more powerful than the other has made their relation go all under water after 17 YEARS of making each other crazy! Hey, Cupid! What’s up ya? Why plucking the arrow back from these mad in love heartthrobs and tossing it up in the bin?

*Cupid you being Stupid now!*

Malaika, who was the jazzy host of the show Power Couple along with Arbaaz, is no longer seen on the show, and Arbaaz is hosting it alone.  Now it’s all about the power you see. Malaika can’t stand Arbaaz and Arbaaz be all ‘Why you do this baby after all the zandu-baam I gave you?’  *Dard se aaram ka formula* Malaika took it seriously. Arbaaz must be all*Boldiya* mood now!  Maybe the argument about discussing the power in the couple. *Ah! This is bedroom talk, Malaika*


Hush Hush Hush! It’s not working

Farhan and Adhuna Akhtar being the couple in the spotlight at present, they got ugly issues to deal with!  Farhan, why aren’t you complimenting Adhuna of her new Hair Styles? This Valentine’s Day Farhan Adhuna’s gotta tie a friendship band around your neck.

Keeping the jokes apart, Farhan usually attends events and parties with wife Adhuna, was suddenly seen making appearances alone. *Plays the song- ‘Akele Hai to Kya Gum hai’ in the background*. One question to them- Who’s the Wazir in the house now? We are sure there were many reasons for the Farhan-Adhuna split that we know nothing about and we never will. And that’s the way it should be. But that doesn’t stop us from wondering where Cupid has gone. *Aditi


Mummy O Mummy! Tu kab Saas Banegi?

This is the exact question Ranbir Kapoor must be having for mother dear Neetu Singh Kapoor. Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor are stealing all the limelight as their breakup has come as a shock to everyone. They were madly in love and even lived-in together for almost a year until the news of the breakup spread like wildfire. The Ran-Kat couple has actually split and Ranbir seems to have already moved on. Even Katrina is seen donning a smiley face everywhere she goes to promote her forthcoming film Fitoor.

*Plays bleeding love in background* Katrina has got her hair painted red instead of her heart this Valentine’s. Ranbir’s earlier breakups have all been ignited by his mommy not accepting her bahu’s wholeheartedly. We guess Katrina was unlucky too! *Bad Luck Kat*

ED wishes Katrina a better boyfriend ahead! *Hint: Aditya Roy Kapoor matches your height too*


Cupid! Are you hearing still? Don’t let this year turn a year of break-ups! Spread Love instead.

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