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By Nikita Madan black3 Have you ever met a person who doesn’t own any clothing item in black? Yes neither have I. Black originally is the color associated with mourning and gloom and has evolved as the most versatile and flexible color in fashion, as well as standing the test of time. Fashion is religiously devoted to black and designers swear by it. The expression “x is the new black “ which indicates the new particular color that is essential for the season bears testimony to the fact that black is timeless , essential and always fashionable. So what’s our obsession with black? Well for starters it is the most versatile color. Team it up with any other color or  with any sort of accessory or with another black; the result will be satisfactory .Karl Lagerfeld has rightly said and I quoted that, “Black is the color that goes with everything. If you’re wearing black, you’re on sure ground.”   black4                                       black2          Ask people why they swear on black and pat comes the reply “its figure flattering”. The slimming effect of black is legendary .It absorbs light and gives a definite silhouette to the body. It neatly covers the problem areas and gives an illusion of slimness. All of us have this one particular color that we shy from wearing as we feel it doesn’t suit our skin tone or the color is just not ‘us’. Well black has never been this color for anyone. It suits all skin tones and all body types. black7                               black 9                            black11 Black is effortlessly chic. The little black dress pioneered by Coco Chanel is a must have in all wardrobes. I also believe that a plain black saree with a blouse of personal choice is a must in all Indian wardrobes. It can be worn at a cocktail party or a casual dinner or even at a business party; black saree is always in vogue.   black8                                                                black1 You know why I personally love black? Because it’s simple and easy, it camouflages any stain. Wearing colors and accessorizing them correctly can be a task in itself. Black means never worry about matching. It masks whether your clothes are expensive or cheap and always looks kind of dressed up. Another great thing about black is that it can be layered endlessly and can be experiment with crazy fabrics and you will not be disappointed.  black12             black10          black5   Black is sophisticated, sensual,  powerful, subdued,  chic, rebellious, mysterious and personal. It is style and style never goes out of fashion.



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