April 27: Tons of money is being invested in the automobile sector, especially for developing electric vehicles by B2B giants. Still, electric vehicles have a significantly lower percentage of presence compared to other vehicles on the road. Pune, although it is an exception. Experts believe that the number of vehicles on roads will increase drastically in the next few years. Along with petrol pumps, electric vehicle charging stations will also increase in the city as more and more people consider electric vehicles, especially e-bikes, as a choice of transport. Despite this being piece of phenomenal news for the public and nature lovers, the youngest corporator of BJP, Samrat Abhay Thorat, demanded more charging points for electric vehicles throughout the city to ensure the pollution problem of Pune is at bay.

Electric vehicles charging stations are essential to make electric vehicles a viable and feasible option for the city. This is one of the main reasons Samrat Thorat from Ward-18 Khadakmal Ali- Mahatma Phule Peth has submitted a proposal demanding more charging points for electric vehicles to Pune Municipal Corporation. Even though Shivaji Nagar, Peth Area, and Swargate within the city, Magarpatta, Katraj, and Hinjewadi routes already have charging stations for electric vehicles, the young corporator demanded more. The growing demand for eco-friendly transportation within the country and across the world has created a concerning scarcity of infrastructure. 

The demand for more electric vehicle charging stations within the Pune municipal area and surrounding regional offices will motivate people to purchase eco-friendly vehicles and decrease the import of fuels whose prices have skyrocketed lately. Ever since the Pune Municipal corporation has accepted the proposal of more electric vehicle charging stations by BJP Corporator Samrat Abhay Thorat, future electric vehicle owners are contemplating the different charging stations they can choose. He believes that the import of fuels and growing pollution within the city is a matter which requires serious discussion and his proposal for more charging stations is a small way to ease the tension. Now that the Pune municipal corporation has permitted him, he will dive right into the project to benefit every citizen living within the city. Shirde is one of the most popular electric vehicle charging stations developers in Pune, and the company has successfully developed 107 charging stations across the city.

The options for electric vehicles are varied from residential electric vehicle charging stations that require the owners to plug in their vehicles for an overnight charging session to charging vehicles in public places for a given fee. One of the best public places to install electric vehicle charging ports is outside cinema halls, stations, and malls. Electric vehicle owners can also swap between fully charged batteries while on the road if there is an absence of charging stations. 

But to ensure that the proposal and hard work of many such corporators, including Samrat Thorat’s, are not going in vain, people need to step forward and understand the need towards saving the environment by opting for the environment friendlier options. Swapping charged batteries and charging stations together form the electric vehicle networks. Despite having a massive population of 3.9 million people, this Indian city has successfully made significant growth by building a robust electric vehicle network within Pune. Electric vehicle owners are now driving effortlessly throughout the city without worrying about charging stations because of the 107 electric vehicle charging stations built in numerous parts of the city.

Several European countries are taking the initiative and incorporating electric vehicles as part of their public transport network. At the same time, other countries are granting permission to private contractors and companies to build their electrical vehicle networks within the country. Tesla Motors and Renault-Nissan Alliance are some of the renowned automobile giants investing hugely in electric vehicle infrastructure. Although the same cannot be said for developing countries due to the critical economy after the glaring effects of the pandemic. 

One of the easiest ways to make an electric vehicle network in India is by allowing the private automobile giants to collaborate with the government and bring viable electric vehicles into the country. Joint efforts need to be made by both parties to work towards an India which is environment friendly, requires less fuel, and emits less pollution. Cities that do not have an electric vehicle network can rely on renting out electric bikes and cars to do their bit for nature. 

As for Pune, electric vehicles are a go-to option for people for traveling intracity, and with Samrat Abhay Thorat’s proposal for more charging stations for electric vehicles being accepted by the Pune Municipal Corporation, the city is going to see greener days. Given how harsh nature has been for the last two and a half years, people are leaving no room empty while attempting to serve nature; bringing in an electric vehicle network is one of the many ideas.


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