A vehicular check is often something that irritates many of us. Often, it just holds us up and we crib about how it’s making us late to our destination.

These kinds of checks are nothing unusual, you often see those yellow painted metal posts displaying the state police name and their usual formation.

This is usually done to slow down the car and allow the police to stop a car if they notice anything suspicious.

You often see an increase in these types of checks during the winter months especially during nights and early morning when the empty roads and heavy fog create a disaster in making.

However, it was interesting what happened when the Bihar Police recently held a special drive.

What Happened Over This Drive?

Bihar is no stranger to an increasing crime rate, and reportedly, to combat this, the Bihar Police launched the vehicle checking drive across the state.

It seems though that the police were quite successful in their venture as over 4 hours they managed to catch around 65 criminals going by a report from Hindustan Times.

With the drive being carried out in 38 districts all over the state, the police managed to arrest several criminals who had been on the run for some time and others who were on the wanted list of the police.

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Along with this, around 67 stolen vehicles were recovered from this drive. Not just that but from the people arrested, the police seized items including:

  • Six firearms
  • Nine live cartridges
  • 3,570 litres of illegal liquor
  • 159 kg contraband
  • Rs. 92,000 in cash

These details were all listed out in a press release that the Bihar Police headquarters in Patna put out.

As per the police authorities, the main aim of this drive was to look over loot, kidnapping, dacoity and other various criminal activities that had seen an increase over recent time.

The issue of illegal liquor is a bit more serious than one would think. News reports state that the Prohibition Excise & Registration Department of Bihar Police has revealed that over the last 11 months, they have seized almost 8,606 litres of liquor per day.

The total comes to a whopping 28,91,731 litres of liquor of which around 8,59,063 litres is country-made liquor while the remaining 20,32,667 litres of liquor was found to be Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL).

The count was done from January 1st of 2020 to November 30th and could possibly be because of the liquor ban imposed by the Nitish Kumar government.

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Sources: Hindustan Times, Times Of India

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