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Bid To Make It Large



Did you ever have that strong and constant feeling of desire for an item which was kept on a special aisle, to make it look pretty and attractive in the supermarket? Did you go fight with your parents to buy it just because you didn’t have enough pocket money? Well, no more. Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES), Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, is organizing a one of a kind bidding competition. In the YES Smuggling Tunnel, you can buy any item with the virtual money given to you. And no, don’t limit your desires to only that item. Need a T.V.? Get it for 500 maybe. Looking for a Bugatti Veyron? Buy it for 8000 maybe. In fact, in the YES Smuggling Tunnel, you are a millionaire. Your pockets will be full of virtual green gold to satisfy all your materialistic desires in a simulated environment.

You think this is not enough? You may be able to own a military grade Rocket Launcher or a Van Gogh painting. You’re thinking that all this sounds like a cake walk. Don’t be mistaken. Just like the real world, the YES Smuggling Tunnel doesn’t give out things that easy. What you definitely would have to do is BID, fight for the product of your taste in a bidding war with contenders of other colleges and make sure the product you want is just yours.

Still thinking this is not enough? Not worth the effort? Well, if you manage to follow all the rules and overcome the challenges of this competition then, it’s your pathway to a cash prize of Rs. 5,000 that you might just win. Have you already made up your mind on making these 5000 yours? Wondering about something else now? What are the rules? How do I go about it? What can be the challenges, hurdles? Wait wait wait. The following event specifications may just answer some of your questions!

1. All the participants have to come in a team of two.

2. There will be two rounds. Only 10 teams shall be qualified for the second round.

3. Every team will be given equal amount of virtual money in the beginning of both the rounds separately.

4. The actual price of each item will be pre-determined but it will not be revealed to the teams. The prices will be within the range of 0-10000 only.

5. There will be 20 products to bid for in the first round and 30 in the second.

6. Thus, the teams can start bidding over an item and the highest bidding team wins the item.

Interested? You don’t have to do anything then. Just go to and look for something called BIDWISER under UPCOMING EVENTS. Register yourself and a partner in crime of your choice and wait for 27 February ’14.


So , let us, for once, be your vendors YES smuggling tunnel, where you decide how much you are willing to pay for what you buy with virtual money. Impress us with your strategizing abilities when you try to juggle between holding on to your money and buying as much worthy products as possible to stay ahead in the bid race. We will see you at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College!


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