A new and exciting AI-powered technology known as Deep Nostalgia has been doing the rounds on Twitter and other social media platforms over the weekend.

The tool, created by an online genealogy platform called MyHeritage, allows its users to add facial animations such as blinks, smiles, head tilts and nods to still photos.

The website for Deep Nostalgia

The tool creates extremely realistic clips of people and can be used to bring deceased people to life — even those from several decades ago. The technology is also being humorously compared to the fantastical living portraits and artworks in the Harry Potter franchise, as seen in the movies.  

How The Technology Works 

According to MyHeritage, ‘Deep Nostalgia uses deep learning algorithms, to produce remarkable results. You can animate any of the faces in your photos to see them move, blink, and smile.’

As the technology is still new, it currently only works on portraits. This version of the tool is not suitable for photographs with multiple faces in one frame nor photographs where people are seen from a distance. 

The lifelike animations created through this technology can be downloaded as mp4 files. The videos have no audio — making them similar to a GIF — but they can easily be posted on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. 

Users get a limited amount of animations for free and can access the Deep Nostalgia tool from the MyHeritage website. With the paid subscription, however, users can create a multitude of animations. 

Animation Of Historical Figures 

Social media users have been extremely fascinated by the technology and have started using it to not only animate deceased family members but also to bring old historical figures to life. 

The following viral animations by Twitter user Keerthik Sasidharan brought freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and other prominent personalities like Swami Vivekananda, Munshi Premchand, Lokmanya Tilak back to life. 

1. Bhagat Singh 

2. Swami Vivekananda And Lokmanya Tilak 

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3. Kasturba Gandhi And Aurobindo

Apart from these recognized Indian personalities, here are a few other well-known figures who have been animated as well. 

4. Abraham Lincoln 

5. Beethoven 


6. Mona Lisa Painting

This innovative technology has truly been able to breathe life into these well-known personalities.

While concerns have arisen about whether this technology could be used to manipulate photos of people, the company has firmly declared that it does not endorse the creation of ‘deep fake’ videos of public figures without their consent.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: NDTV, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Twitter

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