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Best online class experience with


Current COVID-19 pandemic has made it essential for students to have their classes in online mode as they will not be able to go to schools and colleges. Although the educational institutes try their best to provide teaching in online mode it is often inefficient and students miss out on important stuff every time. This can severely affect students, especially those who are in school, which are the most critical part of their education years.

To resolve this problem, Agilean Solutions, a Bangalore-based tech start-up, has announced the launch of Under the mentorship of CEO, Sarma BKP and COO, Madhusudhan Vadigicherla – is developed into an advanced Online Learning Platform, which gives student the smooth interaction with teachers by simulating interactive live classrooms experience from anywhere, on any device, for any class size.

As the world is increasingly moving towards remote working and remote teaching, the platform was developed to connect teachers with remote students seamlessly. StandUpMeet is a purpose-built tool for live online education and looking at the current pandemic situation, it is the best education gateway out there.

Take your online school to the next level. Our virtual classroom & interactive whiteboard technology is designed specifically for teaching online. It’s easy to use, reliable and scalable. This basically emulates the classroom, so you can have similar experience as in the school. 

StandUpMeet offers:

  1. One to one Class:

Provide effective one-on-one tutoring environments.

Many students learn best with personal, one-on-one interaction, whether the subject is maths, music, art, or science. Teachers and students can focus on each other and the lesson at hand without any distraction. Personalized studies always yield best results for students.

  1. Small but efficient Classrooms:

In the physical world, teachers and students can see, hear, and interact with each other in real time. With StandUpMeet Online Learning Engagement Platform, you can create similar live experiences. This is a very important part, as there will be no distractions and you can solely focus on study.

  1. Live Stream lectures hall:

StandUpMeet Real-Time Engagement Platform gives teachers and professors to teach effectively and scale seamlessly to accommodate larger class sizes and accommodates thousands of students.

StandUpMeet provides high quality audio and video call, real time interactive white boards, polling questions, cloud recording, speech to text, screen share and real-time messaging. This makes it very convenient for students to ask their questions more efficiently as well as understand complicated equations and calculations which otherwise are not possible in online mode.

  1. User friendly tool:

The first problem teachers as well as students face is to get familiar with the platform they choose for online teaching. Sometimes it becomes an inconvenience and may end up creating a problem during presentation, online discussion or tests. StandUpMeet is an easy to learn, user friendly platform which takes just a moment to get better at. You will never have any trouble in using the platform for any purpose whatsoever.

Online teaching has revolutionized education in the world. Many, who cannot afford to go school or are physically incapable, have been benefited from our platform. This also makes sure that you get the best educational experience in any crisis.

StandUpMeet – An Online Learning Platform, simulating live classroom experience. 

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