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Best Food Joints In Cochin That Are A Must Visit


Life is said to be well lived when all our desires are fulfilled. Out of everything that one wants, food is unarguably the most common obsession we Indians possess.

Being an Indian, one thing we absolutely love is to indulge in quality food even if it’s 7 in the morning, or 10 at night. Therefore, we bring to you some of the best food joints in Cochin that make our life lovelier and spectacular.


This place is a utopia for authentic food lovers, as they provide the taste of Kerala that can tingle your taste buds.

Their food menu is just mouth-watering, combining a range of delicious starters like appam and Kerala parotta, along with a variety of main course meals to choose from like their native preparation for chicken and mutton.

This place has been consistent with its service, ambiance and taste; something to indulge in.

Nawras Seafood Restaurant

Nawras is an upscale place with some amazing lighting, serving the best sea-food in the town. On top of that, they welcome all their customers with a free watermelon juice or a sea food juice.

This place is an absolute delight
for anyone who wants to sinfully indulge in Kerala’s cuisine.
The Samudra meal is highly recommended too.


If you are visiting Cochin and want to gorge onto some authentic Keralan food, then DhePuttu is the perfect place for that. The ambiance is nice and comfy with wooden interiors and glass exteriors, leaving you in awe, as everything has been made to match with the theme.

Chicken keemaputtu and Irachiputtu are strongly recommended.  

Mullapanthal Toddy Shop

This place doesn’t need any special introduction as it is insanely famous for its wide range, extending from chicken to beef to pork to varieties of seafood. Moreover, this place is a bliss for spicy food lovers.

If you want to indulge yourself with the variety of food they offer, you should head to Toddy shop now. If you haven’t experienced the richness of Keralan food in Cochin, you are missing out big time.

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