Bengal Isn’t Just About Durga Puja: Here Are Some Things You Never Knew About (video)

By Ranjabati Ray

Every state has its own character, its own flavor but we find Bengal to be especially different from the other ones.

The culture, literature, dance forms and various other things about it make it very special and bring out its sweetest part.

The wide variety of dances all over the state attracts the foreigners because of their folk songs with its lyrical appeal and richness, which reflects the “Sonar Bangla.”

The dances here in Bengal still reflect and embody in itself the local faith, tradition and custom, and have thereby gained immense popularity and recognition over the years :

People have very little knowledge about the various kinds of dance forms which prevail in the state.

There are many more which the “Banglar Mati” represents and the people should know about.

Try to explore and familiarize the new gateway and the ‘mishti flavor of India’ via Bengal. Its really awesome.

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