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Benchmark for Success?



How do you measure success? I’m sure many of you see Bank Balance as a benchmark index for tbhe same! Or you’ve still managed to keep the old school of thoughts “It’s not about money!”? I’m sure none in that category! Have you ever given a thought as to what you are going to do to be successful, to earn money? Everybody out there wants to make money, but the bigger question is HOW?? Are you also aiming to be “The next Einstein” “The next Kapil Dev” “The next Roger Federer” or you would want to be “The first YOU”. Don’t worry! Even if you haven’t given it a thought yet, ED brings to you the reason for you to start thinking what you’re passionate about! Here’s a piece by Author Siddhartha Sharma that helps you multiply the cool quotient in your lives! Enjoy reading!

“Money isn’t everything. But make sure you have enough of it before thinking of such nonsense” I think there are a lot of people who fail to understand the importance of both money and passion. I think people must be taught how to differentiate between- necessary and sufficient. I aspire to explain this difference through this written piece:

1. Food is necessary for human existence and we need food to live. But the question is do we live only to consume food?

2. Air and water are also necessary for living. But do we live only for air and water?

3. Money is necessary to live- to buy food, to get education, to have a certain quality of life. But do we live only for money?

I think the answer to all these questions is NO! Money is a deficient need. We miss it a lot, especially when we do not have it. Once we have it, people become so used to having it that it stops determining their happiness and misery. Thus, remember, money is a necessary benchmark of your professional success but it is not the only way professional success can be measured. I researched a lot on the subjects of career-success & personal development and discovered 4 levels of professional success/failure: Level-4-Failure to make any money: Money can be made while doing what you enjoy doing but it can also be made by doing what you do not enjoy doing. I personally think that the worst failure is not to be able to make any money. The job market and the business market did not see any value in your services and your products respectively. This situation is really very bad since your physical survival is at stake. Level-3-You make money while doing what you hate doing: There are a lot of people in this world who make money but they make money by doing some work that they despise. They hate their work so much that they would leave at the first opportunity comes their way. Hatred towards work could be due to nature of the work (monotony, less learning) or lousy management (bosses or manager)- whatever may be the case these people just hate their work. They continue doing it because they think that if they leave their job/work they might end up at level 4. Their happiness is messed up and they live a miserable existence for about 10-12 hours every workday. Level-2-Making Money while doing what you do not hate doing: Then there are some individuals who do not hate their work but neither do they enjoy it. They feel occasional highs that come from challenging and satisfactory work. However the major chunk of their work life is emotionally bland. They are good at their work, but they are not emotional about it. They feel good when their work is appreciated by their manager or clients; but the work in itself is never a source of joy for them. When you try to tell these people that you must find what you love doing- they hide behind the excuse that I do not hate my job or present work. There is difference between ‘not hating’ something and ‘loving’ something. There are so many people we do not hate but we get married to the one we love. There are so many professions you do not hate, but I suggest you to find the one you totally love. It is only then you will experience the highest levels of professional success. I call it the level-one success. Level-1-Making Money while doing what you love doing: This level of professional success is path to emotional fulfillment and big monetary success. You professionally do what you love doing and the market pays you for your product and services. Every second spent at work is a total bliss. You love your work so much that you can do it for free, but you do it so well that people feel compelled to pay your for your offerings. This is the path all the geniuses take. Have you discovered your true calling in life? What are you doing to find it? I always tell my readers and seminar participants to aim for the level one success- ‘Making money while doing what you love doing’. This is a divine place to strive for and the work-satisfaction is incomparable.

Siddhartha Sharma CEO, Success Monks (

Author, 60 Keys to Success (

Here’s what I infer from the above article to be the benchmark index for success: ‘Success is when you pursue your dreams!’. Do fill us in with your ways of defining Success!


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