Okay, let’s admit that whenever we see the “Iron Man” movie, we all want to have some fun with the oh so cool Jarvis, which is actually an Artificial Intelligence program. What if I tell you that actually your dream maybe much closer to reality than you realize.

Amazon recently launched its Amazon Echo speaker, which is now in its second generation.  Alexa is the Echo’s voice control system, which allows you to perform really cool functions such as dimming the lights in your room or play music just by using your voice commands.

Amazon Echo is actually a wireless speaker but it’s a player of some other league. Just using your voice, you can play music, search the web, get instant weather reports, and also have a control over your smart home products. Sounds cool right? Wait till it gets better.


The responsiveness of Amazon Echo is what will really floor you. Simply saying the trigger words will wake up the device and then you can do anything ranging from asking questions about ancient Greek history, to ordering a pizza.

Using Alexa feels much more normal than using Apple’s Siri. It will just feel like having an informative guest at your home who guides you around the web and lets you play EDM too.

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Amazon has designed a natural-language processing system keeping in mind that it should be easy to interact with.

Several very sensitive microphones have been built into Echo such that the user does not have to repeat a command twice.

Echo device streams your device to the cloud only when you request it to carry out some tasks. Its API (Application Programming Interface) is extendable to certain online services including Amazon Prime.


The only reason to buy Amazon Echo is to get the Alexa controlled voice platform that lets you control devices and also interact with them much easier.

Without touching anything, you can walk into your quiet room and ask for music to be played or you can ask the Echo to turn on the lights of a dark room. Voíla, a magician at your disposal.

Alexa works like a dream with Alexa compatible devices, making you forget to even use your smartphone and launch some app. The Echo has all the things sorted out. It can help you with your math homework and also give you some suggestions about how to cook an exotic dish.


Your Echo device is always listening to whatever you say, within the range of its microphones. So, whatever you say, it sends to Amazon cloud computers to ascertain whether it’s a command, request or just some vague statements.

This means that Amazon keeps a record of whatever was picked up by Echo and stores onto its database. Now, this is only done to improve the services of Echo but some may find it unsettling that Alexa may know more about their music and life choices than their own spouse.

So, until the time you don’t sit down with your friends to discuss the nuke codes, the Echo’s snooping capabilities will be pretty harmless.  Alexa would be like the Jarvis in your life and you Tony Stark, only if you have enough bucks to buy Echo. And if you do, then enjoy how this device turns your life around.

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