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Be An Innovator Not An Imitator: HKTHENICS


Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. While it’s sometimes difficult to know our purpose or meaning in life, we must thrive and move forward. What else is better to learn from someone who had a great history of experiences in it.Born and raised in Delhi, Hemant Kumar is a passionate guy who had a great record of experiences with him. His life not only motivates people but also teaches how hard work can change someone’s life.

Hemant Kumar is a Certified Bodyweight Fitness Coach with 10 years of experience. He had done an MBA in finance. He is an ex-banker with 7 years of experience. After investing his seven years in the banking field he realizes that this is not what he wants. Being a banker was never a dream of him and he started to follow his passion.

It is well believed that “To accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe.” Because of having bad health his body was not supporting him. But his desire for his passion for being a ‘Bodyweight Fitness Coach’ was unstoppable. He had faced down many road forks in his life but was still standing up.Hemant said, “I do big things every day.” because he believes in doing new things every day and takes every day as a new day. His hobbies are dancing, giving bodyweight training, playing guitar and drums.

Every day we make choices and perform activities that we hope will bring us happiness and prevent distress. That is the basic goal of life by which we live. Hemant strongly believes that ‘There is no life without having a passion for something.’ Passion which could elate you beyond the present self and it may take you to an expansion curve and you will see the results.

Hemant hobbies are dancing, giving Bodyweight training, playing guitar and drums.His favourite stars are Hritik Roshan, Vidyut Jamwal & Tiger Shroff.He also loves to play volleyball and football.

One should focus on proving himself right rather than proving others wrong says, Hemant Kumar. He says you should be focused on what you are doing to change the world. Rather than copying people, be a unique version of yourself.

A message from Hemant Kumar to the public that “Do what you love and believe in yourself.”

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